Updates to Standard Methods and the newly signed Method Update Rule
Thursday, 17 August 2017 06:39

The newest edition of Standard Methods is in print and available for purchase; part number EE1550400. The 23rd edition contains updates to multiple methods (45+) as well as additional clarification and consistency on QC requirements for each method. Of particular interest for us is in the revision for SM2540 Solids. Our very own David Smith was part of the Joint Task Group for this section and helped draft the language that expanded the allowed materials used for evaporating dishes. The StableWeighâ„¢ vessels are included as an example of an accepted alternate material. Also, after more than a decade of operating under an EPA acceptance letter, we are excited that the disposable BOD bottle has been included in this edition of Standard Methods. Both of these products originated from ideas brought to us by lab personnel. Keep the ideas coming so that we can keep making your job easier.

The long awaited Method Update Rule (MUR) was signed by the EPA administrator on August 7th. Be sure to check your method citations, especially from Standard Methods or ASTM, as many methods have been revised. We are very excited about the enzymatic Nitrate Reductase method from NECi for nitrate/nitrite analysis for Clean Water Act (CWA) reporting that was included. If you haven't already started to familiarize yourself with the new MDL procedure, now is the time. It will become mandatory before you know it. https://www.epa.gov/cwa-methods/methods-update-rule-2017


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