I’ve got 99 problems, but METALS aren’t one!!
Thursday, 14 September 2017 06:10

Not with the new innovative additions to our Metals Digestion product line that is!!  Our newest metals digestion products are designed to help save you time, money, and improve the consistency and accuracy of your results.

Not enough hours in the day??  Our new AutoBlock Fill may be just what you’re looking for.  The AutoBlock Fill automates the most dangerous steps of metals digestion – reagent addition.  With the push of a button the AutoBlock Fill will save you from countless nasty pipetting thumb cramps and best of all TIME!!  The unit allows the user to add an existing HotBlock of any size and lock it into the system creating an automated Metals Digestion Unit at a fraction of the price of a traditional automated unit.  The AutoBlock Fill holds five 1-Liter reagent bottles in the on-board reagent rack and a 5-way valve system allows for easy switching between reagents.  The unit utilizes Masterflex® pumping technology to accurately dispense reagents and software can be controlled via an on-board touchscreen or using a laptop.  The user simply picks a digestion method, presses Start and walks away…AutoBlock Fill does the rest.

If you’re looking to get more out of your HotBlock, check out our new HotBlock 200 & soon to be released HotBlock 300.  These new HotBlocks are everything you love about the original version, but can now reach maximum temperatures of 200°C & 300°C.  These new HotBlocks use an external controller that can control up to 2 independent blocks at a time.  Each controller comes in a unique Kydex® housing that can be mounted to the side of your fume hood via magnets, placed on the countertop, or installed in an empty receptacle on the fume hood.  These new HotBlocks are available from 25-96 wells and cup sizes of 15mL, 50mL, and 100mL or request a custom unit.

If you haven’t heard, we’ve redesigned our 50mL digestion cup to bring you the Ultimate Cup!  This new cup is molded from the same polypropylene resin you’ve come to trust and comes certified for 68 elements, still the most on the market today.  Our new design features include:  increased wall strength for more durability, graduation lines on both sides, a new linerless cap option, redesigned screw thread profile for a tighter seal, and a deeper dimple on the bottom adding extra stability.  The new Ultimate Cup provides premium performance.

Is your lab in need of an ultimate low level metals digestion cup? Well look no further!  I present to you the Ultimate Clean Cup, our newest addition to the line of metals digestion cups.  Further utilizing the improvements of the Ultimate Cup this premium cup is specifically designed for trace metals analysis, certified for 68 elements at part-per-billion and part-per-trillion levels.  It’s the most robust certification on the market today.  Each cup is carefully handled and specially packaged to avoid common means of contamination and ready to use in any clean environment setting.


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