Season of Savings

As a special thank you to our valued customers, we will be offering a series of special holiday offers every Monday through Thursday for the first three weeks in
  Visit our website each day as we reveal new offers over the next few weeks. Once a deal is unlocked, it is valid through December 29th.

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and wish you a wonderful holiday season!


December 4th     Wet Chemistry

Offer Savings Promo Code

Buy 2 packs of SimpleDist Micro tubes and get 1 free (C8010A,C,P; C8021A,C,P; C8026A,C,P; C8100A,C,P).

Purchase 2 packs of SimpleDist Traps and get 1 free (C6100) 

  Up to $695B2G1SD

Purchase 10 packs of UltraLow, UltraFlow, or UltraPrep Oil & Grease disks get 2 free 

 Up to $520  B10G2ULTRA 

December 5th

Offer Savings  
 Promo Code           

Buy 5 packs of TCLP Filters and get 1 pack free  

Up to $351 B5G1TCLP  

  Buy Bottles for the Environmental Express TCLP Rotator and get a free set of Extraction Pads   

  • Purchase BC2000-1 get one LE1606 free 
  • Purchase BX3000-4 get one LE1607 free
  • Purchase BF2501-4 get one LE1608 free
  • Purchase BF3000-4 get one LE1609 free
  • Purchase BK3000-1C get one LE1609 free

 Up to

December 6th

Offer Savings Promo Code

Buy 5 packs of K1250 or K4250 and get one K1200 free

  $41 B5G1K1200 

Buy 4 boxes of any disposable syringe filter and get 1 pack of free disposable syringes

 Up to $118 B4SFG1S  

December 7th

Offer Savings Promo Code

25% off TELOS brand QuEChERS kits

  Up to
$112 Off

25% off a Complete Soil Cell System

 Up to
$3887 Off 

December 11th

Offer Savings  Promo Code

Purchase a TraceableLIVE Thermometer and get a free 3-month trial subscription

  Up to $27

 Code Needed*      

Purchase a Digi-Sense Refrigerator/Freezer Data Logger with TraceableLIVE Wireless Capability and Calibration; 1 Bottle/1 Bullet Probes (item EE9946005) and receive 2 free boxes of D1001 disposable BOD Bottles

 Up to $176  2D1001 

December 12th
     Industrial Hygiene

Offer Savings Promo Code

Purchase one SC4210 or SC4250 GhostWipes and receive 1 free template of your choice (C1010 or C1012)

  Up to $110BGWFT

20% off any Industrial Hygiene Filter

 Up to $88 OffIH20

December 13th
     Sample Collection

Offer Savings Promo Code

20% off Preservation Ampoule with purchase of any Sample Collection Bottle

  Up to
$29 Off

Purchase 20 of the Method 5035 Sampling Kits and get 2 free
(Includes M3001, M3002, M3003, M3004, M3011, M3012, M3013, M3014, M3015)

 Up to $31   B20G25035 

December 14th

Offer Savings Promo Code

$100 off the MFKITs

  $100 Off MFKIT100

A.      Purchase an Advantec manifold and receive free Filter Holders 

M3023P gets 3 free D0047P 

M3026P gets 6 free D0047P 

 M353100 gets 3 free D0047P 

 M353300 gets 6 free D0047P 

 Up to

December 18th

Offer Savings Promo Code

Purchase a FlipMate Manifold (SC0620) and get 2 free packs of FlipMates (your choice)

  Up to $818BMG2FM

Purchase a HotBlock 100 or HotBlock 200 and receive 2 free boxes of disposable digestion cups (excludes Specialty Digestion Vessels)

 Up to $368  BHBG2HBCUPS  

December 19th

Offer Savings Promo Code

Purchase 1 pack of F250100PP or F25045E and get 1 free pack of R2200


Receive 20% off all Ion Exchange Columns

 Up to
$23 Off

December 20th
     Filtration Systems

Offer Savings Promo Code

Buy One, Get One Free: all Filtration Systems

  Up to

10% off all Filters (excluding ProWeigh and TCLP)

 Up to
$44 Off 

December 21st
     Final Offer!

Offer Savings Promo Code

Buy 3 boxes of ProWeigh filters and get 1 box free

  Up to

Get 5% off your entire order 
      • Can be used with existing promos
      • Not open to resellers or distributors


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- Promotional pricing valid through 12/29/2017
- All discounts and savings are off of current contract price.
- Promo items must be of equal or lesser value unless stated otherwise