Pittcon 2019

It's that time of year, Pittcon season. This year, the show will be held in Philadelphia, PA at the Pennsylvania Convention Center from March 19-21.

Environmental Express has been attending this show for many, many years as it is a great way to show the world the innovative products that we offer. You can find us at Booth 2228, which is dead center of the convention center and next to the Cole-Parmer booth. Here are some of the many reasons why you should visit us at Pittcon.

New and Innovative Products:

Environmental Express continues it's history of introducing innovative products to the Environmental Laboratory Market. Some of the exciting new products that you will see in our booth are listed below:

SPE-Express II

We have developed a new version of our original automated extraction unit for Oil & Grease analysis. The SPE-Express will be offered in single-place, modular units that can be linked together to meet sample throughput demands. The system is fully enclosed and doesn't require its own fume hood.

The SPE-Express II is the ONLY system that:

  • Both extracts the sample and evaporates the n-Hexane, eliminating the transfer step
  • Uses a fluid sensor to verify that the sample vessel is empty which improves accuracy
  • Runs multiple samples simultaneously on up to 6 stations, improving analyst efficiency

RFID Sample Container Asset Tracking System

Regardless of the procedure, your test will require a sample. All samples must be collected according to parameters specified in the testing method. These parameters can include sample volume, temperature, and hold time. A chain of custody is generally required to show auditors that these sample requirements have been met. Environmental Express has developed bottles which have a RFID label that can automate this process. Some features of our RFID bottles include:

  • Track your samples from collection to analysis.
  • Count inventory without having to open a single box.
  • Each individual container will have a unique ID number
  • Customer can write their own information to the RFID tag

Sample collection containers with an RFID tag embedded label with allow field sample collectors to input sample collection information on location through the use of a smart phone app. This allows labs to track any samples taken in the field through a date/time stamp and geolocation coordinates, which will vastly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the chain-of-custody process. Information will be recorded immediately and uploaded to a cloud-based database that can be accessed, in real-time, from anywhere. 

RFID tags can be used for inventory control, tracking incoming product, and tracking and logging individual containers issued to field collectors. It can provide instantaneous return receipt of groups of filled containers instead of having to individually read each barcoded label.

We will also have our AutoBlock® Fill, HotBlock® 200, StepSaver, HotBlock COD Reactor, FlipMate manifold, SimpleDist Micro BlockStableWeigh TDS products, and the new rAPID-T discrete analyzer on display as well.

Demo Zone @ Pittcon

Join us on Tuesday, March 19th at 1:30 PM in Demo Zone II (Booth 3042) as we will be demonstrating our RFID Sample Container Asset Tracking System. Come see the amazing benefits this product can offer your lab. Those who attend will be given a special promo code for 20% off their next order. 

Pittcon Live!

Unable to attend Pittcon this year? Sad you're going to miss seeing our exciting new products? Don't worry, you can join us for our Tech Talk webinar on Thursday, January 21st at 2:00 PM. We will be broadcasting live from Pittcon as we discuss our new products and give you a tour of our booth. You can register on our Webinars page or via the link below:

Pittcon Live Webinar Registration

If none of the above has convinced you to visit us at Pittcon, then maybe this will; stop by our booth to get your Mr. BOD stress reliever.


We hope to see you at Pittcon!