Season of Savings 2019

Season of Savings

As a special thank you to our valued customers, we will be offering a series of special holiday offers 
through the end of the year.
  Visit us each day as we reveal new offers over the next few weeks. Once a deal is unlocked, it is valid through December 31st.

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and wish you a wonderful holiday season!


December 2nd     Metals

Offer Savings Promo Code

Purchase a HotBlock 100 or HotBlock 200 and receive 2 free boxes of disposable digestion cups (excludes Specialty Digestion Vessels).

Up to $247 BHBG2HBCUS 

25% off the purchase of an AutoBlock Fill System

 Up to
$3250 Off 

December 3rd

Offer Savings   Promo Code 

20% off the ProWeigh Family of Filters.

 Up to
$38 Off

20% off the purchase of a StableWeigh® Starter Kit
(TDS222, TDS222-230, TDS333, TDS333-230).

 Up to
$770 Off

December 4th

Offer Savings Promo Code

20% off all TCLP Filters.

 Up to
$72 Off

20% off the purchase of TCLP equipment
(Rotators, ZHE+, or MaxFil).

 Up to
$1224 Off 

December 5th

Offer Savings Promo Code

20% off all HotBlock® TKN Digestion Systems.

  Up to
$1807 Off

20% off the TKN reagents.

 Up to
$31 Off 

December 9th
     Oil & Grease

Offer Savings Promo Code

Purchase 10 packs of UltraLow, UltraFlow, or UltraPrep Oil & Grease disks get 2 free. 

  Up to $378  

20% off our StepSaver Extraction Systems.

 Up to
$371 Off 

December 10th

Offer Savings Promo Code

20% off a Complete Soil Cell System.

  Up to
$3172 Off

20% off our Organic SPE disks.

 Up to
$551 Off

December 11th
     Ion Chromatography

Offer Savings Promo Code

20% off all Ion Chromatography vials.

  Up to
$50 Off

20% off all Ion Chromatography standards.

 Up to
$50 Off 

December 12th

Offer Savings Promo Code

Save 20% on SimpleDist Micro equipment (C8000, C8000-240).

  Up to

Buy 2 packs of SimpleDist Traps and get the 3rd pack free

 Up to

December 16th
     Sample Collection

Offer Savings Promo Code

Buy 2 cases of sample collection bottles, get the 3rd case
of same product free. 

  Up to

20% off all Temperature Data Loggers.

 Up to
$137 Off 

December 17th
     Industrial Hygiene

Offer Savings Promo Code

20% off all GhostWipe Sampling Supplies.

  Up to
$90 Off

20% off all 25mm, 37mm, and Air Quality Cassettes

 Up to
$50 Off

December 18th

Offer Savings Promo Code

20% off all Filters.

  Up to
$689 Off


Offer Savings Promo Code

20% off all Oakton® products.

  Up to
$484 Off

December 19th

Offer Savings Promo Code

20% off Membrane Filtration Kits.

Up to
$191 Off

25% off Colitag™ products

 Up to
$158 Off 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Promotional pricing valid through 12/31/2019
  • All discounts and savings are off of current list price.
  • Promo items must be of equal or lesser value unless stated otherwise
  • Offer cannot be used with NEW20 promo on same item
  • Promos not available to resellers and distributors