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Metals Digestion Equipment

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The NEW AutoBlock Plus! Increased Functionality. Reduced Price.

The AutoBlock from Environmental Express accurately adds concentrated acids and heats and cools samples in a self-contained HEPA filtered environment. Simply choose your method, press START and walk away.

  • Includes easy-to-use, intuitive software. 
  • Superior construction and design expands functionality and minimizes corrosion.
  • Disposable digestion cups eliminate glassware.  Metals Digestion EquipmentDigestion Cups & AccessoriesMetals Filtration DevicesMetals StandardsPump TubingLearn More about Try Something New

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What is the maximum temperature the block can achieve, can the temperature be ramped over set time periods and can it handle HNO3/HClO4 digests.

No, this instrument is not rated to be compatible with perchloric acid digestions. The block will heat up to a maximum of 150 C. Note that this is the temperature of the block and the sample temperature will be lower. Also note that the standard digestion vessels for this unit are made of polypropylene and should not be heated above 130 C. The instrument does not have a ramp over time option. You can program in multiple heating steps to approximate a ramp time. A final note is that this instrument is being discontinued for the next generation to be launched sometime in August. You can see a video of the new instrument on our Tech Tip Videos Page - Select the ‘AutoBlock in motion’ link.

Hi. Is there a way I could order your the HEPA filter (ABP151) and storage racks (SC700) through VWR or Fisher? These distributors have existing service contracts with our State agency.

ABP151 and SC700 must be ordered direct through Environmental Express as we are the only supplier of the AutoBlock HEPA filter and the cup storage rack.

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