Modified m-TEC for E. Coli

*Modified m-TEC for E. Coli

Modified m-TEC    Prepared media plates for the enumeration of E. coli bacteria in wastewater or surface water.  Conforms to US EPA Method 1603.

Great article on Method 1603 and Modified mTEC Plates CLICK HERE.

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Modified m-Tec Plates for E.coli: Media is light yellow-tan. Colonies are magenta-red.

Modified m-Tec pre-prepared media plates are available for E. Coli testing using EPA Method 1603.

This new, one-step process for the enumeration of E. Coli is EPA approved for NPDES reporting and complies with the March, 2007 EPA rule change for E. Coli reporting. Each sleeve of plates comes with a Control Sheet with lot number and expiration date. Use plates within 90 days from date plated. Store at 2-5°C and keep sealed in plastic during storage.

What Makes This Process Special?

Thanks to the patented chromagen in modified m-TEC, all E. Coli colonies appear as a red / magenta colonies that are very easy to see, count, and record. No other steps are necessary. It makes culturing and recognizing E. Coli colonies simple. Modified m-TEC is the culture media of choice for enumerating E. Coli , (Escherichia Coliform), bacteria in wastewater and ambient waters.

Plates Are Economical and Easy-to-use.

This single step method requires no expensive sealers or bulky trays. Your plates are prepared and sealed in a plastic tube with expiration date clearly stamped on each plate. There is no need to buy plates with pads with modified m-TEC. All you do is filter the sample, place the filter on the m-Tec plate, incubate, and after 24 hours, read the results. No lights, substrates, or messy vials. Just incubate and count the bright red-magenta colonies.

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Instructions for using Modified m-Tec EPA Method 1603:
NPDES Approved Method for reporting E. coli in effluent samples.

Step 1: Filter bacteria sample as normal for membrane filtration.

Step 2: Incubate at 35.0° Celsius for 2 hours; then transfer to a 44.5° Celsius wet bath for 22 hours.

Step 3:Count red-magenta E. coli colonies. (No need for urea, phenol)

Step 4:Report # colony forming units / 100 mL : ( CFU/100 mL) Media AmpulesPrepared MediaGridded FiltersSample Collection VialsMembrane Filtration KitsLearn More about Try Something New

Item No. Description
MMTEC10 Modified m-Tec for E. Coli- 10 plates
MMTEC12 Modified m-Tec For E. Coli- 12 plates
MMTEC6 Modified m-Tec for E. Coli- 6 plates


Our plates were accidentally put in a freezer upon arriving to the office. Are they still useable? I\'m guessing no, but thought I\'d check. Thanks!

No, they are not still viable after freezing.

Does the first incubation for 2 hours have to be in a dry oven?

You can incubate them in a wet or dry oven as long as you adhere to the temperature requirements of the method.

what is the shelf life of these plates?

The plates have a 90 day shelf life.

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