Media Ampules mFc, mEndo, Coliform

*Media Ampules mFc, mEndo, Coliform

Poplular 2mL ampules of mFc and mEndo broth are available from Environmental Express, Inc. Plastic ampules with push-on caps are safe and user friendly. Ampules are packages ten per sealed Mylar® pack with five packs per box. 

Ampules have a shelf life of one year and require refrigeration for long term storage.

Please note MA-200 mEndo Broth is heat-sensitive. Orders received on Thursday or Friday will ship the following Monday. They do not require refrigeration during transit. All orders outside of the TN area are shipped UPS 2nd day during the summer months. 

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Item No. Description
MA-100 mFc With Rosolic Acid, 50pk
MA-101 mFc Without Rosolic Acid, 50pk
MA-200 mEndo Broth, 50pk


does this media support the growth of non coliform bacteria and can the difference between non coliform and total coliform sp. be easily seen

Typical coliform colonies are pink to dark red in color with a metallic sheen. Atypical colonies are dark red or nucleated without sheen. Pink, blue, white, or colorless colonies without sheen are considered non-coliforms. The sheen area may vary in size from a pinhead to complete surface coverage.

Is the mEndo broth solution only available via \"ampules\"? Is it available in say a 100ml or 500mL container bottle?

We only carry the prepared media in ampules. We do offer the powdered media for you to prepare your own agar.

For how long can plates be kept after media has been added to pad? (i.e. can plates be prepared in advance to filtering?)

We have not done any stability testing to determine how long the broth remains effective after dispensing into the dish. It will be stable during a normal time frame of performing the dilutions/filtration and transferring the membrane to the dish. When making your own broth the method states to discard unused broth after 96 hours.

Do you offer any bulk discounts on the media ampules?

We do not currently have any tiered pricing on these ampoules.

could you please confirm if you supply also ampouled media : Total count ; East and mold , Orange serum , WL , WL, MRS

Please see the following link to all ampouled media Envrionmental Express has to offer:\r\n\r\nPlease contact for any requests for other types.

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