What material are the enclosed pieces of tubing made of?

The enclosed tubing is made of high temperature silicone rubber.

What are the pressure and temperature ranges for this bag? Also, is this beg suitable for hydrogen collection?

The bags are rated to a maximum pressure of 17.7 psi. It is advisable to only fill the bag to ¾ full in order to allow for pressure change in transit. The temperature range is dependent on the volume of gas introduced in the bag. The bag should be suitable for collection of all types of gasses.

Are these bags still available? I\'ve heard that duPont discontinued production in 2009.

That is correct. This product is no longer in production. We still have some supplies left in our warehouse and will continue to offer them until that supply is gone. We have other products that we are evaluating to use once the reserves are exhausted.

What is the diameter of the valve on the dual fitting Tedlar Bag?

The valve fitting has an OD of 4.75mm and an ID of 3.15mm.

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