Viscosity Meters

Environmental Express carries a wide variety of Cole-Parmer material physical testing products that are ideal for quality control testing along with research applications.

It is important to adhere to specifications and schedules outlined by testing equipment manufacturers when conducting quality control testing.

When considering testing equipment think about:
  • Check equipment expiration dates
  • Prepare the space for testing check that you have adequate space, power, time etc.
  • Who is doing the test is that person skilled enough to conduct it or just beginning?

If you need help selecting the right tool for testing or specifications from testing equipment manufacturers speak with one of our Technical Experts today.

Item No. Description
EE9896540 Cole-Parmer Basic Viscometer, 20 to 2,000,000 cP
EE9896541 Cole-Parmer Basic Viscometer, 100 to 13,000,000 cP
EE9896542 Cole-Parmer Basic Viscometer; 200 to 106,000,000 cP
EE9896543 Cole-Parmer Basic Viscometer, USB; 20-2,000,000 cP
EE9896544 Cole-Parmer Basic Viscometer, USB; 100-13,000,000 cP
EE9896545 Cole-Parmer Basic Viscometer, USB, 200-106,000,000cP
EE9896546 Cole-Parmer Viscometer w/temp, 20-6,000,000cP
EE9896547 Cole-Parmer Viscometer w/temp, 100-40,000,000cP
EE9896548 Cole-Parmer Viscometer with Temp, 200-160,000,000 cP
EE9896549 Cole-Parmer Program. Viscometer; 20-6,000,000cP
EE9896550 Cole-Parmer Program. Viscometer; 100-40,000,000cP
EE9896551 Cole-Parmer Program. Viscometer; 200-106,000,000cP
EE9896554 Low Viscosity Adapter with Circulation Jacket, EA
EE9896555 Cole-Parmer Low Viscosity Adapter