Distillation Systems

Distillation Systems

Distillation Systems Product Lines:

Environmental Express offers a variety of distillation products and distillation systems for Cyanide and Ammonia chemical analysis.

  • The SimpleDist System is based on our HotBlock technology with the addition of a PVC vacuum manifold. This system offers a safe, convenient option for Cyanide and Ammonia collection with the advantage of disposable consumables, minimizing the use of fragile glassware. Manifold adaptor kits for use with our 54-Well HotBlocks are also available.

  • Also for Midi Distillations, our MicroBlock-V system is available for Cyanide Distillations. Ammonia and Phenol utilize the MicroBlock-R systems for applications that do not require vacuum. These systems utilize glassware designed specifically to fit these units.

  • NEW! For reduced volume distillations use our SimpleDist Mico block and disposable SD Tubes. The 6mL sample volume and disposable tubes save time and money and improve safety in your lab.