pH and Electrochemistry

pH and Electrochemistry

pH and Electrochemistry Product Lines:

Thermo Scientific Orion offers wide range of pH electrodes and probes in a variety of price ranges to fit their meters.

Available styles include:
ROSS Triode Electrodes are the industry's best for triode, providing accurate, reliable and reproducible results. These electrodes offer the convenience of a built-in temperature sensor with the high performance of a ROSS pH electrode.
ROSS Sure-Flow® pH Electrodes are ideal for sludge, colloids and viscous materials. These electrodes provide accurate, reliable and reproducible results with dirty samples. Simply press down on the cap to refresh the junction and rejuvenate the electrode response.
AquaPro Professional pH Electrodes are ideal for environmental testing of wastewater samples. These durable epoxy-body, double-junction electrodes are manufactured to meet the needs of true water professionals.
Green pH Electrodes are the first electrodes to meet all the requirements for RoHS. They contain no lead, mercury or other hazardous materials, making disposal easy.
pH ATC Probes are ideal for routine pH measurements. The ones we list here have durable epoxy bodies for ruggedness and feature built-in ATC.

Thermo Scientific Orion Ion Selective Electrodes can be used in virtually every laboratory as endpoint indicators or to perform direct measurements and incremental techniques.
ISE's can be used to measure ion concentrations in water, foods, pharmaceuticals and biological samples. Measurements using Ion Selective Electrodes are simpler and faster than other techniques.  Time-consuming sample preparation techniques are rarely needed. The setup cost is low and no expensive equipment is required. Methods are adaptable to the lab or field.

Thermo Scientific RDO® Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probes meet the requirements of ASTM D888-05 Method C, measuring DO with a luminescence-based sensor.
The Thermo Scientific RDO probe provides reliable measurements, no warm up time, no stirring, no maintenance (membrane or solution) no thermal shock and less interference.

A wide range of conductivity cells are available for every application. These cells feature built-in temperature compensation; high, standard and low conductivity measuring ranges.  DuraProbe 4-electrode cells provide the highest accuracy for demanding laboratory or field applications. The 4-electrode design compensates for electrode fouling, cable and connector resistance, polarization errors and field interference. 2-electrode cells are able to measure low, standard and high conductivity samples depending on the cell constant.

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