StableWeigh for TDS

*StableWeigh for TDS


Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Vessels

Replacing Crucibles Around The World!

Refine your Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) analysis using Environmental Express StableWeigh™ vessels. Replace your current crucible or dish with our patented StableWeigh™ vessels. The vessels and related products work together to help you perform the TDS analysis more efficiently and more accurately.

StableWeigh™ reduces the amount of time you spend preparing, weighing, cooling, and cleaning your evaporation vessels. The disposable vessels are prepared and weighed for you, allowing you to start your analysis immediately without the cumbersome task of drying a crucible and obtaining the tare weight. StableWeigh™ vessels are inert to common water and waste water components and are heat resistant at the temperature required by the method. Because the mass of the vessel is an order of magnitude lower than a traditional glass or ceramic crucible the StableWeigh™ vessel does not hold as much heat energy and will cool to balance temperature much faster. Having the mass of the vessel closer to the mass of the weighed residue also gives greater precision and accuracy. This will help to reduce the number of drying and weighing cycles needed to obtain a constant weight. Once you are done with the analysis the vessel can be disposed of which eliminates the need for washing and the possibility of carryover from one sample to the next.

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StableWeigh Products

Item No. Description
TDS100 StableWeigh TDS Vessel, 100pk
TDS100F StableWeigh Single-Place Filling Station
TDS111 Kit Incl:StableWeigh(TDS100) + Filters(F92447MM),100pk
TDS200B StableWeigh Weighing Bracket, Each
TDS200R StableWeigh Modular Rack, 5-Place
TDS222 StableWeigh TDS Start-Up Kit, Each
TDS600F StableWeigh 6-Place Filling Station

StableWeigh Replacement Parts

Item No. Description
EE4061036 Replacement Hose Barbs for Filling Stations, 10pk

Static Control Devices

Item No. Description
BAL100 Ionizing Cartridge 1"x3", EACH
BAL100H Balance Mount for BAL100, EACH
BAL200 Grounding Kit, EACH
BAL300 Unistat Positioner with Grounding Kit, EACH
BAL400 Duostat Positioner, EACH
BAL500 Mini-Fan Ionizer, EACH
BAL600 ESD Workstation Kit, EACH
BAL700 I-Beam Stand Ionizer Kit, EACH
BAL800 Alphaboost Kit, EACH
EE1133696 Mettler Toledo Balance Deionizer & Power Supply, EA

TDS Standards

Item No. Description
F160106-ML-1L Total Dissolved Solids, Mid-Level, 1 L (2 x 500mL)
F95010 TDS standard, 10pk


I would like to know the Total cost for Stableweight TDS vessels

All of our pricing is available online by logging into your customer account with your customer ID. If you need help accessing or setting up your online account please call our customer service department at 800-343-5319. You can also contact your sales representative and they will be able to better discuss pricing with you.

Do you have to use the deionizer with the stableweigh system?

We highly recommend that some form of static control is employed when using our StableWeigh vessels. We have several static control products available if you do not currently have a system in place.

Of what is this made?

This is made of plastic, metal, and electrical components. This does not contain any radioactive components.

What\'s the capacity (mL) of these vessels?

The StableWeigh vessels can hold about 300 milliliters.

I notice the ASTM D5907 is the only method listed under method compliant. Are these also compliant with SM2540C? Thanks.

Currently, StableWeigh is only method compliant with the ASTM D5907 method. There is an update coming very soon to SM2540 which will specifically allow for our vessels to be used. The method update will actually mention StableWeigh by name.

what type/model of steam bath can be used? And how to do keep them straight up after filtration?

Any type/model of steam bath can be used to evaporate the samples to dryness. The method allows for you to use an oven to evaporate the samples as well. We recommend the temperature to be set between 103-105 C. Our filling stations support the vessel during filtration. They should then be placed in our modular rack, TDS200R, throughout the rest of the test.

What are the deminsion fo the modular rack?

Dimensions of 5-place modular rack:\r\nLeft to Right - 14.25\" \r\nFront to Back - 12.75\"\r\nTall - 4\"\r\n

Are TDS vessels like plastic bags? Start-up kit pricing?

Although they may look like plastic bags, they are vessels made from a proprietary polymer blend.

Good morning. Do you offer trial samples of these?

We do offer samples of our StableWeigh vessels. The part number is TDS100S.

How do you use it ?

These vessels were designed to replace traditional crucibles. They come preconditioned and preweighed so they are ready to use right out of the box. Filter your sample through a 1.5 um washed and dried glass fiber filter into the vessel. Place the vessel into an oven/steam bath to evaporate to dryness. Bake in 180C oven for 1 hour. Cool in desiccator to balance temperature (about 15 mins). Weigh the vessel with the residue. Calculate your TDS value. Discard vessel.

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