StepSaver Systems: Disp. Funnels

*StepSaver Systems: Disp. Funnels

The Environmental Express StepSaver for solid phase extraction saves time and simplifies EPA Method 1664 for Oil and Grease.

Disposable StepSaver Systems for 47mm Disks come with:


  • Specified Manifold
  • Specified Number of Extraction Stations: Each station comes with:
    • (1) Extraction Head with 40/35 Ground Glass Joint (G1020)
    • (1) 120° 2-way PTFE Stopcock (G1025)
    • (1) Stainless Steel Disk Screen (G1030)
    • (1) Flourosilicone sealing gasket (G3030)
    • (1) Aluminum Clamp (G1055)
    • (1) Keck Clip (G1050)
    • (2) 100mL Borosilicate Glass Collection Flasks (G1045)
  • (1) 20-Liter HDPE Waste Carboy with Tubing and Fittings (G3070)*

*Single station systems receive a 4-liter HDPE Water Carboy with Tubing and Fittings (G3064)


  • 2 Packs of 20 Disposable UltraFlow Funnels (G5127) OR UltraPrep Funnels (GUPF47EE)
  • 1 Pack of 50 Sodium Sulfate Drying Cartridges (G1065)
  • 1 Box of 20 x 10mL 40mg HEM Snip and Pour Standards (G3025)
  • 1 Box of 20 x 10mL 7 mg HEM MDL Snip and Pour Standards (G3023)

Item No. Description
G1121 StepSaver System,1-Station,Disposable Funnel, PVC, ea
G1123 StepSaver System, 3-Station, Disposable Funnel, PVC,ea
G1127 StepSaver System, 7-Station, Disposable Funnel, PVC,ea
G2121 StepSaver System,1-Station, Disposable Funnel, SS, ea
G2123 StepSaver System, 3-Station, Disposable Funnel, SS, ea
G2126 StepSaver System, 6-Station, Disposable Funnel, SS, ea
GUP1121 SPE-StepSaver System,1-Station,UltraPrep Funnel,PVC,ea
GUP1123 SPE-StepSaver System,3-Station,UltraPrep Funnel,PVC,ea
GUP1127 SPE-StepSaver System,7-Station,UltraPrep Funnel,PVC,ea
GUP2121 SPE-StepSaver System,1-Station, UltraPrep Funnel,SS,ea
GUP2123 SPE-StepSaver System, 3-Station,UltraPrep Funnel,SS,ea
GUP2126 SPE-StepSaver System,6-Station,UltraPrep Funnel,SS, ea


For EPA 1664, it appears that your company sells 1000 mL glass reservoirs or 250 mL PVC funnels for each station. Why is the capacity only 250 mL for the PVC & not 1000 mL like the glass system?

We mold the 250 mL funnel here at Environmental Express. The same funnel is used in other products we manufacture which don’t require a 1000 mL capacacity. It is more cost effective and efficient to mold the one size funnel than to mold two separate sizes.

With the StepSaver system, what is the approximate volume of hexane needed to elute the O and G from a 1 L sample?

We suggest washing the filter with 15 mLs of hexane three times.

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