StepSaver Systems: Glass Funnels

*StepSaver Systems: Glass Funnels

The Environmental Express StepSaver for solid phase extraction saves time and simplifies EPA Method 1664 for Oil & Grease.

Glass Funnel StepSaver Systems for 47mm Disks come with:


  • Specified Manifold
  • Specified Number of Extraction Stations: Each station comes with:
    • 1 1000mL Glass Funnel (G1017)
    • 1 Extraction Head with 40/35 Ground Glass Joint (G1020)
    • 1 120° 2-way PTFE Stopcock (G1025)
    • 1 Stainless Steel Disk Screen (G1030)
    • 1 Flourosilicone Sealing Gasket (G3030)
    • 1 Aluminum Clamp (G1055)
    • 1 Keck Clip (G1050)
    • 2 100mL Borosilicate Glass Collection Flasks (G1045)
  • 1 20-Liter HDPE Waste Carboy with Tubing and Fittings (G3070)*

*Single station systems receive a 4-liter HDPE Water Carboy with Tubing and Fittings (G3064)


  • 2 Boxes of 20 47mm UltraFlow Disks (G5047MM) OR 47mm UltraPrep Disks (GUP047MM)
  • 1 Pack of 50 Sodium Sulfate Drying Cartridges (G1065)
  • 1 Box of 20 x 10mL 40mg HEM Snip and Pour Standards (G3025)
  • 1 Box of 20 x 10mL 7 mg HEM MDL Snip and Pour Standards(G3023)

Item No. Description
G1101 StepSaver System, 1-Station, Glass Funnel, PVC,ea
G1103 StepSaver System, 3-Station, Glass Funnel, PVC, ea
G1107 StepSaver System, 7-Station, Glass Funnel, PVC, ea
G2101 StepSaver System, 1-Station, Glass Funnel, SS, ea
G2103 StepSaver System, 3-Station, Glass Funnel, SS, ea
G2106 StepSaver System, 6-Station, Glass Funnel, SS, ea
GUP1101 SPE-StepSaver System,1-Station,UltraPrep Filter,PVC,ea
GUP1103 SPE-StepSaver System,3-Station,UltraPrep Filter,PVC,ea
GUP1107 SPE-StepSaver System,7-Station,UltraPrep Filter,PVC,ea
GUP2101 SPE-StepSaver System,1-Station, UltraPrep Filter,SS,ea
GUP2103 SPE-StepSaver System, 3-Station,UltraPrep Filter,SS,ea
GUP2106 SPE-StepSaver System, 6-Station,UltraPrep Filter,SS,ea


What are the dimensions for this system?

The dimensions of this system are 28.5” long, 6.25” wide, and about 20” tall when assembled.

What is the difference between G2106 system and GUP2106? Can you use Ultraprep filters on both systems?

These are both StepSaver Systems. They include equipment and consumables. The only difference between the two is that the G2106 come with UltraFlow disks and the GUP2106 comes with UltraPrep disks. UltraPrep disks can be used on both of these part numbers.

If I use the G-1101 step saver system, will i need the hexane, acetone and sodium sulfate to run EPA 1664 A?

The StepSaver system is for using solid phase extraction (SPE) to determine Oil and Grease. The extraction solvent is n-hexane as required by the EPA. Once extracted, the solvent is passed through a sodium sulfate cartridge to remove any residual water. The only use for acetone is to make the 40 mg/L hexadecane/stearic acid standard, however this can be avoided by using G3025 or G3020 prepared standards. SPE does require activation of the disc, which is accomplished by the use of methanol. To see the StepSaver in use and learn more about its advantages please watch the StepSaver video here.

I would like to replace the teflon stopcocks on my StepSaver 7-station PVC manifold - is it possible to order these without replacing the manifold & if so, what is the part number?

Yes, these can be replaced without replacing the entire manifold. This is not just the stopcock, but the body holding the stopcock. It is detachable from the manifold below and the joint above. The item # is G4015.

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