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20mL Amber, Certified

Item No. Description
APC1734 Vial 24mm Amber OT Septa, 20mL, 144/case

20mL Clear, Certified

Item No. Description
APC1670 Vial, 24mm Clear OT, 0.125 Press Fit, 20mL, 72/C
APC1675P Vial, 24mm Clear CT, 20mL, 72/C

20mL Clear, Uncertified

Item No. Description
APC3675P Vial, 24mm Clear CT, 20mL, 72/C

20mL, Uncertified, No Caps

Item No. Description
A045060C Vial, 24/400 Clr 28x57, 20mL, 144/C
J000503C Vial, 24/400 Amber, 20mL, 144/C

40mL, Uncertified, No Caps

Item No. Description
J000001C Vial, vial only, 24/414 Clear, 40mL, 144/C


What material is the septa?

The septa is a silicone/PTFE blend.

Are OT caps available for these vials to be purchased separately? If so, what is the price and part number?

The part number is K009010 - Cap 24/414 OT Cap w/Bonded Septa .125, ea. It is not posted on the website which is why you weren’t able to find it.

1) Are these tubes suitable for pharmaceutical use? 2) Are they sterile? 3) Are they available in 5 mL capacity?

We have not performed any testing (nor do we have the proper equipment to do so) as to the suitability of these vials for pharmaceutical use. They are not available sterile. We do not have them in 5 mL size.

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