What is the difference between APC1550 & APC 1560?

APC1550 comes with foam block in the container and APC1560 only has a cardboard cell divider to separate the vials in the container.

I have 150 clear glass vials (40ml) and would like to buy open tops (septa) for these, do you sell these caps?if so please send me our price, thank you

Item K009010 is the cap you need. It is available for sale.

Hi, is this product available with a PTFE septa? We have been replacing the septa and would prefer to order vials that already have what we need. Thanks!

The caps for APC1541 have a bonded silicone/PTFE septa. The PTFE part is sample side down and is what comes into contact with the sample. The silicone is the part of the septa that you see when you look down at the cap and is exposed to the atmosphere.

what are the dimensions of the vials and cap?

The cap has a closure size of 24-414. The outer diameter of the cap is 26mm with a height of 14mm. The vial has a closure size of 24-414. The outer diameter of the vial is 28mm with a height of 95mm.

What is the certified TOC value

We do not do a TOC analysis on our VAO vials. Instead we do a scan of individual compounds.

My customer would like to know if this bottle is certified

The first digit in the part number indicates the level of certification on the container. A \'1\' indicates level 1 certified that comes with a certificate. A \'3\' indicates level 3 certified that does not come with a certificate. This container is level 1 certified.

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