40mL, Unpreserved, Closed Top

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40mL Amber, Certified, Unpreserved

Item No. Description
APC1650 Vial, 24mm Amber CT w/Septa, 40mL, 72/C

40mL Amber, Uncertified, Unpreserved

Item No. Description
APC3535 Vial, Clear,CT, Econo Pack PTFE , 40mL, 144/C
APC3650 Vial, 24mm Amber CT, 40mL, 72/C

40mL Clear, Certified, Unpreserved

Item No. Description
APC1535 Vial, Clear Econo PTFE Lined CT 40ml, 144/C
APC1660P Vial, 24mm Clear CT Septa, 40mL, 72/C

40mL Clear, Uncertified, Unpreserved

Item No. Description
APC3660P Vial, 24mm Clear CT, 40mL, 72/C


What does the level number refer to? Also, what does it mean if it is certified or uncertified? Thank you.

Essentially, level 1 and level 3 mean the same thing as certified and uncertified. Level 1 Certified Containers are processed to meet or exceed requirements of EPA \"Specifications and Guidance for Contaminant-Free Sample Containers.\" Analysis is conducted by an independent laboratory, and a traceable, lot-number-specific Certificate of Analysis is provided with each case of containers. As additional quality control, each case is marked with the lot number and sealed with custody tape. Level 3 Containers are assembled to your specifications and meet EPA recommended guidelines; however they do not ship with a Certificate of Analysis.

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