40mL Vials, Preserved, Open Top

*40mL Vials, Preserved, Open Top

Clear and amber borosilicate glass vials used in Volatile Organic Analysis (VOA Vials) come standard with white open-top caps with 0.125 septa. PTFE-lined, closed-top caps are also available. Vials are labeled with the part number, lot number and tare weight in print as well as barcode format.

Preserved vials are packed in protective foam blocks. Special packaging is available upon request. Refer to our website for a complete list of options. Plastic BottlesGlass BottlesVialsPreservation SuppliesCubitainersLearn More about Try Something New

40mL Certified, Preserved NaHSO4

Item No. Description
APC1616 Vial Clr OT5mL SodBiTWStir BarYel Dot40mL 72/CS
APC1618 Vial Clear OT 5mL Sod Bi w/ SB&TW 40mL 72/C

40mL Certified, Preserved, (HCl)

Item No. Description
APC1598 Vial, Clear OT, 1ml HCL, 40mL, 72/C
APC1601 Vial, Clear OT, 0.2mL HCl, 40mL, 72/C
APC1602 Vial, Amber, OT, 0.2mL 1:1 HCL, 40mL, 72/C
APC1627 Vial 24mm Amber OT 1mL 1:1 HCL 40mL 72/C
APC1628 Vial 24mm Amber OT 0.5mL 1:1 HCl, 40mL, 72/C
APC1635 Vial, Clear OT, 0.5 mL 1:1 HCL, 40mL, 72/C

40mL Certified, Preserved, C6H8O6

Item No. Description
APC1750 Vial, Clear OT, 25mg Asc, 40mL, 72/C
APC1875 Vial, Amber OT, 200mg Mlc, 25mg Asc, 40mL, 72/C

40mL Certified, Preserved, CH4O

Item No. Description
APC1596 Vial, Clear OT, 5mL Meth, 40mL, 72/C
APC1609 Vial, Clear OT 5mL Meth TW No SB 40mL, 72/C
APC1637 Vial, Amber, OT, 5mL P&T Meth, 40mL, 72/C
APC1641 Vial Clear OT15mL P&T Meth w/ TW 40mL 32/C

40mL Certified, Preserved, DI Water

Item No. Description
APC1620 Vial, Clear OT, 5mL DI water w/ SB&TW, Bl dot 40mL, 72
APC1630 Vial, Clear OT 5mL DW, w/ SB & TW, 40mL, 72/C

40mL Certified, Preserved, H2SO4

Item No. Description
APC1600 Vial, Amber OT, 0.5mL 1:1 Sulf, 40mL, 72/C
APC1623 Vial, Clear OT, 0.5mL 1:1 Sulf, 40mL, 72/C
APC1624 Vial, Amber OT .2mL 1:1 Sulf Acd, 40mL, 72/C

40mL Certified, Preserved, H3PO4

Item No. Description
APC1593E Vial, Amber, OT, 0.2mL 1:1 Phos, 40mL, 72/C


Are vials (APC1750) certified?

Yes, these vials are precleaned and come with a certificate detailing the background levels of various elements and compounds.

Are these vials tested for TOC in their certification? I\'m looking for 40mL H3PO4 vials to use for TOC analysis, and they need to have

We do not perform any TOC analyses on the vessels.

What is the septum?

The septum is silicone/PTFE.

Do these have an expiration date?

If these are stored at ambient temperature away from light, they should not expire. However, the industry standard is about 18 months.

Are APC1593E bottles appropriate for TOC Standard Method 5310C? Can you send me the cleaning procedure?

These are standard size VOA vials. In our experience they fit in most standard size Autosamplers for TOC instrumentation. The procedures used to clean all of our vials and containers are those outlined in EPA publication 9240.0-05A ‚ÄúSpecifications and Guidance for Contaminant-Free Sample Containers‚ÄĚ.

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