What is the typical expiration date for this standard?

This product has an 18 month shelf life.

Is this standard (IC-NH-M) ISO Guide 34 certified?

This standard is not Guide 34 certified. If you need this standard to be Guide 34, you would need to request that when you order and we would submit a custom mix request to our contract vendor.

If I order two NO2/N standards, can I get them as two different lots?

Yes, you can get them as two different lots. Just be sure to request this whenever you place the order.

Are these standards (IC-BR-M, IC-CL-M, and IC-SS-M) certified? Made from ACS or higher grade chemicals? Can be used for EPA conform testing? Appreciated!

These Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) are intended for use as calibration standards for the quantitative determination of bromide, chloride, and sulfate, calibration of instruments such as ion chromatography (IC), and validation of analytical methods. They are manufactured from high purity materials and are NIST traceable. They also can be used in EPA, ASTM and other methods.

Is this Phosphate as Phosphorus or Phosphate as Phosphate? If I want Phosphate as P, do I need to order the other Phosphorus standard? Thanks!

This standard is prepared as phosphate. If you want the analyte as phosphorous you will need to order item IC-P-M.

What is the normal expiration date for this standard?? IC-CN-M

This product has a 12 month expiration date.

Is this 1000ppm PO4 as P?

This standard is as phosphate. If you need a standard as P you will want part number IC-P-M.

What is the shelf-life of your IC-NO2-M standard?

This product has a 12 month shelf life.

Is this NH3 as Nitrogen?

Yes, this is NH3 as nitrogen.

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