IC Buffers

IC Buffers

Pre-made IC eluent concentrates provide five aliquots of final working solution after dilution. Concentrates meet requirements of EPA 300.0 and EPA 300.1, and are supplied with SDS and Certificate of Analysis. These concentrates help you avoid the time spent measuring and mixing your own chemicals.  

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Item No. Description
IC-E1100 Sodium Bicarbonate IC Eluent Concentrate, 0.5M,5X100mL
IC-E1200 Sodium Carbonate IC Eluent Concentrate, 0.5M, 5X100mL
IC-E1300 Sodium Carb, 0.18M /Sodium Bicarb, 0.17M IC Eluent
IC-E1400 Sodium Carb, 0.35M/Sodium Bicarb, 0.15M IC Eluent
IC-E1600 Sodium Carb, 0.45M/Sodium Bicarb 0.14M IC Eluent 5/pk
IC-E1700 Sodium Carb, 0.45M/Sodium Bicarb 0.08M IC Eluent 5/pk
IC-E1800 Sodium Carb, 0.32M/Sodium Bicarb 0.10M IC Eluent 5/pk
IC-E2000 Sod. Carb. 0.8M/sod. bicarb. 0.1M IC Eluent, 250mL


Hello, how long does IC-E1800 last before expiration?

This item has a shelf life of 18 months.

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