Is this concentration in nitrate as N and nitrite as N or as NO3 and NO2, respectively?

They are as NO3 and NO2.

is this standard a CRM

Yes, this is a certified reference material.

Where do I get CoA for specific lots of product?

Please send an email with the relevant lot number and expiration date listed on the bottle to info@envexp.com

For IC-1-500 multi-element solution. Is the Nitrite expressed as Nitrogen, Nitrate as Nitrogen & Phosphate as Phosphorus? Or are they expressed as NO2, NO3 & PO4 ions only?

They are as nitrate, nitrite and as phosphate.\r\n\r\nNote: this answer previously stated that the components were as nitrogen and phosphorous. This was incorrect. The reply has been edited for accuracy.

What are the cations for this multi-anion standard solution? What are the concnetrations of the cations?

This 1000 ppm anion solution is made using the following compounds. The cation concentration for each concentration is also listed.\r\n\r\nSodium Bromide NaBr 1000 ppm Na+\r\nSodium Chloride NaCl 1000 ppm Na+\r\nSodium Fluoride NaF 1000 ppm Na+\r\nSodium Nitrate NaNO3 1000 ppm Na+\r\nAmmonium phosphate, monobasic NH4H2PO4 1000 ppm NH4+\r\nSodium Sulfate Na2SO4 2000 ppm Na+\r\nSodium Nitrite* NaNO2 1000 ppm Na+\r\n*in separate bottle, Solution B\r\n\r\nSolution A should have a total Na+ cation concentration of 6000 ppm and a NH4+ cation concentration of 1000 ppm. Solution B should have a total Na+ cation concentration of 1000 ppm.\r\n

what are the anions for this multi-cation solution? what concentration?

This cation solution is made using the following compounds. The anion concentration for each concentration is also listed.\r\nammonium chloride NH3Cl 100 ppm Cl-\r\ncalcium chloride, hydrated CaCl2 200 ppm Cl-\r\nmagnesium chloride MgCl2 200 ppm Cl-\r\npotassium chloride KCl 100 ppm Cl-\r\nsodium chloride NaCl 100 ppm Cl-\r\nThis solution should have a total Cl- anion concentration of 700 ppm. \r\n

Why is Nitrite bottle separately?

Nitrate and Nitrite will react with each other and convert back and forth between the two compounds when mixed together for extended periods of time. We keep them separate so this doesn’t happen. You are able to mix the two to make your working standard, which should be made daily.

How long is the expiration date on this standard?

This mix is split into two solutions. Solutions A and B both have an expiration/shelf life of 1 year from date of shipment.

is the concentration for Nitrates & Nitrites in Nitrogen Values as NO3-N and NO2-N or just NO3 and NO2? Same for Phosphorus - is it as PO4 (Phosphate) or PO4-P as Phorpus?

These analytes are as nitrate, as nitrite and as phosphate.

Why is the Nitrite bottled separately?

Nitrite is a relatively unstable ion, especially in the presence of other ions. It will easily convert to nitrate thus resulting in a loss of analyte. Bottling the nitrite separately allows for the maximum expiration date to be attached to the nitrite solution.

Are all of the anions (except Nitrite) in a single bottle?

That is correct. When ordering this product you will receive two bottles. The first bottle will contain a mix of Br, Cl, F, NO3, PO4, and SO4 at 1000 mg/L. The second bottle will contain NO2 only at 1000 mg/L.

I have purchased the IC-2 standard. Because of AIHA requirements the certificate of analysis must state ISO 17025 and ISO guide 34. Does the standard have that, and can I get a cert stating that

Yes--this product is made by an ISO certified laboratory. Please contact sales@envexp.com with your part # and lot # and a certificate will be sent to you.

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