Syringe Filters

Syringe Filters

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With a variety of sizes and membranes styles, you are sure to find an appropriate syringe filter for your application. Our most popular syringe filters are the 25mm size.

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Syringe Filter Membrane Selection Guide
Membrane Type Membrane Characteristics Applications
Cellulose Acetate Low protein binding, ideal for aqueous-­based samples. High protein recovery from filtrate. Tissue culture media filtration, general water filtration.
Glass Fiber Larger pore sizes. Able to remove large particles without clogging. General laboratory filtration. Ideal for solids testing.
Nylon Hydrophilic membrane and low in extractables. Broad compatibility with aqueous samples. Not highly compatible with acids and bases. General laboratory filtration. Ideal for HPLC applications.
Polyethersulfone (PES) High flow rates and compatible with high temperature liquids. Low in inorganic ions. Ideal for Ion Chromatography analysis.
PTFE Hydrophobic and resistant to most solvents, acids, and bases. Must be pre-­wet with alcohol prior to filtering aqueous solutions. Ideal for filtration of digestates for metals analysis and other highly acidic matrices. Filtration of solvents and bases.
PVDFHydrophilic and has good resistance to solvents.General laboratory filtration. Ideal for high protein recovery.

Item No. Description
EE0291528 Syringe Filters - 50mm, 0.2µm, 20/pack

25mm Cellulose Acetate

Item No. Description
SF045CA Syringe Filters-Cellulose Acetate, 25mm, 0.45µm, 200pk
SF145CA Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-CA,25mm, 0.45µm,200pk

25mm Glass Fiber

Item No. Description
SF012G Syringe Filters - Glass Fiber, 25mm, 1.2µm, 200pk
SF015G Syringe Filters - Glass Fiber, 25mm, 1.5µm, 200pk
SF1070G Syringe Filters-GF, Acid Washed, 25mm, 0.7µm, 200pk

25mm Nylon

Item No. Description
SF020N Syringe Filters - Nylon, 25mm, 0.2µm, 200pk
SF045N Syringe Filters - Nylon, 25mm, 0.45µm, 200pk
SF120N Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-Nylon,25mm,0.2µm,200pk
SF145N Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-Nylon,25mm,0.45µm,200pk

25mm PES

Item No. Description
SF020E Syringe Filters - PES, 25mm, 0.2µm, 200pk
SF045E Syringe Filters - PES, 25mm, 0.45µm, 200pk
SF120E Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-PES, 25mm, 0.2µm,200pk
SF145E Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-PES,25mm, 0.45µm,200pk
SF245E Syringe Filters w/PTFE Prefilter-PES,25mm,0.45µm,200pk

25mm PTFE

Item No. Description
SF020T Syringe Filters - PTFE, 25mm, 0.2µm, 200pk
SF045T Syringe Filters - PTFE, 25mm, 0.45µm, 200pk
SF120T Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-PTFE,25mm, 0.2µm,200pk
SF145T Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-PTFE,25mm,0.45µm,200pk
SF200T Syringe Filter-UltraClean for Metals, 25mm, 2µm, 200pk


How can we find the certificate of analysis for SF045N (Nylon syringe filters)

This product does not have a COA associated with it.

Does SF012G have a binder?

It does not have a binder. This syringe filter contains the same filter material used in our ProWeigh filter lines. Namely 1.5 micron glass fiber filter without binder.

how uniform are the pores of this filter type?

Nylon filter papers are defined as having absolute pore ratings. This means that >99.8% of spherical particles of the pore size will be retained by the filter.

What syringes work with these filters?

Our syringe filters fit both slip leur and leur lock syringes. You can find them in our Disposable Syringes section under Syringe Filters in Chromatography.

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