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ProWeigh Filter for Solids Testing

Filtration Filters

Environmental Express carries a variety of filters to meet the needs of your application. Pick out the filter material you need, find the correct pore size, and then choose the diameter to fit your filtration apparatus.

If you don't find an exact match contact your technical sales representative as we can make custom filters in many different sizes and shapes.

Filter Membrane Selection Guide
Membrane Type Membrane Characteristics Applications
Cellulose Acetate Low protein binding, ideal for aqueous-­based samples. High protein recovery from filtrate. Tissue culture media filtration, general water filtration.
Glass Fiber Larger pore sizes. Able to remove large particles without clogging. General laboratory filtration. Ideal for solids testing.
Nylon Hydrophilic membrane and low in extractables. Broad compatibility with aqueous samples. Not highly compatible with acids and bases. General laboratory filtration. Ideal for HPLC applications.
Polyethersulfone (PES) High flow rates and compatible with high temperature liquids. Low in inorganic ions. Ideal for Ion Chromatography analysis.
PTFE Hydrophobic and resistant to most solvents, acids, and bases. Must be pre-­wet with alcohol prior to filtering aqueous solutions. Ideal for filtration of digestates for metals analysis and other highly acidic matrices. Filtration of solvents and bases.
PVDF Hydrophilic and has good resistance to solvents. General laboratory filtration. Ideal for high protein recovery.