Metals Digestion Equipment

Metals Digestion Equipment

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Simplify and Improve Metals Prep in Your Laboratory

For 25 years Environmental Express HotBlocks® have been the answer for laboratories seeking faster, cleaner, more cost-effective methods of performing metals digestions. We are continually expanding our line of metals digestion products in an effort to meet the growing needs of the environmental laboratory community. 

Superior Design and Materials Consistently Provide Reliable Results

HotBlocks® come in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of your laboratory. From the smallest to the most complex all blocks are crafted from the finest materials and designed with the rigors of the laboratory environment in mind. All HotBlocks® are made from PTFE-coated graphite and other non-metallic materials virtually eliminating corrosion and the sample contamination that corrosion may cause.
* The heater mat in each block provides uniform heat distribution to all samples throughout the digestion process. Heat surrounds the digestion vessels completely, requiring less energy and radiating less heat than acid digestion with hot plates.
* All of our blocks are capable of maintaining a setpoint of ±0.1°C and provide sample consistency of ±1.5°C. Temperature stability allows all samples being digested to evaporate at a similar rate, providing more uniform recoveries and preventing the opportunity for cross contamination.
*All blocks are protected by the SafeSample® alarm feature. In the unlikely event of a runaway temperature situation, an audible alarm sounds and electrical power to the heater mat is interrupted.

AutoBlock Fill

Need a Custom HotBlock?

Please send your specific digestion block requirements to productdev@envexp.com and we will prepare a quotation for a custom block.

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Is this unit UL listed??

This product carries an ETL listing through Intertek.

What is the electrical rating - AHJ for this item?

The electrical requirements for this unit are 120 V, 14 A. This product does carry ETL certification through Intertek.

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