Do you have any information on the use of the 50 mL UltimateCup for 245.1 mercury digestions? Specifically volume of sample and reagents used, and if this is a common way to do this digestion? Thanks

The method was written using 300 mL glass BOD bottles. The EPA has said that changing the volume used in testing is an acceptable modification if the reagents are changed to keep the same ratio as originally written. As always, when changing volumes, keep in mind that the sensitivity of the method can change based on the sample volume used. We do not know how many end users are using the 50 mL cup for mercury digestions by 245.1.

Can acetone be stored in the UC474 - 50mL UltimateCup digestion tubes?

This product is molded from polypropylene, which has no adverse effects with acetone. You may use this product as a storage container provided you follow all normal storage safety procedures.

Is there a reason why the other color cap is linerless compare to green cap?

The green cap is the cap that has traditionally been included with this product. We purchase it separately from another manufacturer. The other color caps are new additions to our offerings and are molded by us in house from the same resin as used in the cups.

What type of fluid for probe immersion is needed to monitor Hot Block temperatures greater than 100 degrees Celsius?

You can use any fluid that has a boiling point exceeding the temperature you need to measure. Some customers use glycerin or a high temperature oil. Additionally, do not choose a liquid that will be corrosive. The stem of the thermometer is stainless steel and any that were purchased after Jan 2018 will have a protective coating applied to the stem to further protect it.

What material are the cups made of?


What is the maximum temperature that the SC475 can be used at? Is it the same temperature for the UC475?

These digestion vessels are all molded from polypropylene. The maximum operating temperature for them is 130°C.

What is the maximum operating temperature for this product?

Polypropylene has a maximum operating temperature of 130°C.

What is the maximum temperature to use with this product?

The cups are molded from polypropylene. It has a maximum operating temperature of 130°C.

Does the clear plastic wrap around the probe have to be removed before use?

That coating should not be removed. It is a protective layer to prevent any contamination from the probe tip being added to the samples.

It says on the certificate of analysis that volume accuracy of all graduation marks meet class A tolerances. What are the graduation marks?

The cup has lines on the side that mark each 5 mL increment.

Are these caps the same ones that were included with the discontinued product SC481-W or are these made differently?

These are the same white caps that we have included in previous products.

Do you still sell SC475?

The SC475 part number has been completely upgraded and replaced by UC475. The basic cup shape and material are still the same but we have made some quality of life improvements to the outside of the cup. See the following link for a FAQ -

Where can i find the volume verfications for SC475 (50 mL digestion vessel with white caps) and the Lot Number is 1802043.

All volume certification documents can be found at this link -

I\'m intereste to know what material the green and white polywethylene linec caps are made of? We are trying to see if we can recyle these.

The caps are molded from polypropylene, similar to the cups.

What is the difference between SC475 and UC475?

SC475 and UC475 are essentially the same cup with some minor cosmetic differences and one functional difference. They are both made of the same plastic resin and come with the same COA listing expected background metals levels. The UC475 cup is from a newer mold that has eliminated many of the old vent lines that were sometimes confused for graduation lines. The actual graduation lines are on two sides of the cup and have also been enhanced to be more legible. We have also added a marking patch on the side. The wall of the cup is slightly thicker to increase the robustness and resistance to more vigorous digestions processes. Most importantly, due to the new mold, the SC475 cup is being phased out of production and is projected to be discontinued by mid-May.

Are the watch glass or reflux caps you sell as clean as the Ultimate Clean Cups?

The watch glass (SC505) and reflux cap (SC506) are comparable in cleanliness to our regular cups (UC475). The lowered detection limits on our Ultimate Clean Cups are achieved by special packaging of the product immediately after molding. We do not have a similar method for packaging the watch glasses or reflux caps. Those products are small enough that they can effectively be acid washed prior to use to help achieve lower detection limits.

Is there more than one lot for this item UC474?

We generate one Certificate of Analysis per material lot. This typically lasts for up to six months before a new lot of material is needed. Each box will also include a suffix to the lot number that indicates the daily molding lot it belongs to.

Do the graduations on the side meet \'Grade A\' glassware tolerances

Yes, they do. We test this product the same as the other 50-mL digestion vessels that we offer. They will come with a lot number that you can use to find the volume study data here -

I see iron contamination as up can have upto 24 ppb of iron contamination? Or is 25 ppb just the detection limit for the method used to certify these lots.

We guarantee every cup to have a level of less than 25 ppb for Fe. The cups may contain levels much less than that, but that is the lowest level for which we certify our Ultimate Clean Cups.

like to try your new cup..can you send a couple to try

Unfortunately, we do not send samples of this product. This product is packaged in a certain way that allows it to maintain the low background metals levels. Our packaging doesn’t allow for samples to be sent.

Do the ultimate clean cups, UCC000-50, come with caps.

Yes, the Ultimate Clean Cups come with the caps screwed on already to preserve the low-metals background.

could you tell me the exact dimensions of the cups ( diameter and height)? Thank you!

This product has a diameter of 30.3 mm (1.19\"), a height of 106 mm (4.17\"), and a total volume of 63 mL.

Do the filtermate filters fit these cups?

Yes, the FilterMates do fit the Ultimate Clean Cups.

You say the reflux cap has shown equal reflux to the ribbed watch glass. Does that mean you can use the cap in place of the watch glass for all parts of each methods?

That is correct. The reflux cap is designed to give reflux equivalent to what is generated by a watch glass. The added benefit of the reflux cap is that the opening allows the user to add digestion reagents throughout the process without removing the cover.

do you sell just the temperature probe with Nist certification?

The part number for the temperature probe is SC980A. The part number for the Thermometer Adaptor/PTFE holder is SC980B.

Is there anyway to purchase the PTFE holder for this individually without the probe?

Yes, you can purchase this part individually. The part number is SC980B. It is not published to our website so you won’t be able to find it there.

What is the difference between Cat # UC474-WH and Cat # SC475-CW ?

They are the same cap.

The Cat # UC474-WH can be used with SC475 Cups?

Yes, the UC474-WH caps can be used with SC475 cups. We also have the UC475-WH, which is our Ultimate Cup with white caps. The Ultimate Cup is an improved SC475.

Can I order just the green caps for the SC475 digestion vessels? What is that part number and quantitiy?

The green caps are available for order. The part number is UC474-GN. They are available in a case of 500.

In the cardboard box are all tubes in 1 large plastic bag, like SC475, or perhaps smaller bags each with some portion of tubes and caps? Thanks. I should\'ve probably emailed my sales rep. :-)

The Ultimate Clean Cup (UCC000-50) will come in a box of 150 cups which are packaged in 6 individually wrapped trays of 25 cups each.

What is the difference between the UCC000-50 and the UC-475?

The Ultimate Clean Cup (UCC000-50) is an Ultimate Cup (UC475) that has been handled in a way to avoid common means of contamination and packaged to ensure that it arrives ready to use in any clean environment setting. On average, the Ultimate Clean Cup is 2-10 times lower in background metals contaminants than the Ultimate Cup.

Is it class A? I am something looking for class A digestion cups 50 ml which can be digested in acid medium in 120 degree centigrate for 1 hour . Do you have something like that?

These vessels are tested for volume accuracy at all graduation lines by the procedures set forth in ASTM E542-01, Standard Practice for Calibration of Laboratory Apparatus. Volume accuracy is found to be within the Class A tolerance set forth in ASTM 1272-02, Standard Specification for Laboratory Glass Graduated Cylinders. However, glassware, not plastics, are Class A certified. We do not sell Class A certified digestion vessels.

What material is the green cap made of? I need this information for recycling purposes.

The cap is made of polypropylene with a polyethylene-faced liner.

We are seeing higher than normal Al in the new UC475GN 50 mL digstion vessels (over our RL) . I know the analysis is>50ppb. Do you have a COA for Al in SC481 cups?. Thanks.

SC481 is molded from a resin that comes from the medical field. We do not send certificates with this cup because our lowest detection levels are shown on the SC475 certificate. We have anecdotal evidence that the SC481 is cleaner but we do not yet have a way to quantify how much cleaner it is.

I was wondering what\'s the difference in your caps? Clear is linerless, but the white and green ones have a liner. Do they have a difference in the tightness of fit?

The natural, linerless caps extend the entire length of the neck, while the other two do not. All three caps basically have the same fit with the cup. The natural cap is made from the same polypropylene resin as the cups themselves and have the same background metals levels as stated on the COA.

What is the max temperature for UC475-WH - Ultimate Cup - 50mL?

These cups are molded from polypropylene which has a maximum operating temperature of 130°C. At this temperature, the polypropylene begins to soften and deform.

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