PCRmax Alpha Cyclers

*PCRmax Alpha Cyclers
Easily create, modify and access programs, saving time
  • Flexible-your choice of one, two, or four block capacities in 96-well, 384-well, or mixed formats
  • Independently control each block for simplified temperature and space optimization
  • Software allows quick access to commonly used protocols
These compact thermal cyclers deliver reproducible results every run-with little to no training needed. Features include a clear responsive touch screen, secure user-specific programming, adjustable heated lid, and active sample cooling for sharper amplification. 

A Program Wizard generates a protocol specific to your sequence in seconds-a quick way to optimize new assays. Units also retain approximately 1000 reports for reviewing at a later date and run on an intuitive, HD Androidâ„¢ tablet interface. Save your personal settings to your USB drive; sign in is as simple as inserting your USB drive, no password needed.


Item No. Description
EE9394500 PCRmax Alpha Cycler 1, Single 384-well capacity
EE9394502 PCRmax Alpha Cycler 1, Single 96-well capacity
EE9394504 PCRmax Alpha Cycler 4, Triple 384 / Single 96-well
EE9394506 PCRmax Alpha Cycler 4, Dual 384 and 96 well capacity
EE9394508 PCRmax Alpha Cycler 4, Quad 384-well capacity
EE9394510 PCRmax Alpha Cycler 4, Single 384 / Triple 96-well
EE9394512 PCRmax Alpha Cycler 4, Quad 96-well capacity
EE9394520 PCRmax Alpha Cycler 2, Single 384 and 96 well capacity
EE9394522 PCRmax Alpha Cycler 2, Dual 96-well capacity
EE9394528 PCRmax Alpha Cycler 2, Dual 384-well capacity