Syringes LC and GC

Syringes LC and GC

Syringes LC and GC Product Lines:

SGE LC / GC Syringes SGE Syringes Provide Outstanding Performance and Superior Quality. Environmental Express, Inc. is proud to be a representative for SGE, Ltd. SGE syringes have consistently been the choice of GC and LC equipment users for many years. Laboratories choose SGE products for their outstanding performance and superior quality. Knowledge and expertise in liquid handling technologies enables SGE to provide syringes for a vast variety of applications.

We provide technical support and product information for all our syringes. Our customer service department can help you find the part you need
SGE supplies a syringe conformance certificate with every syringe to guarantee each syringe meets all specifications. This syringe conformance certificate satisfies protocol requirements for syringes and provides traceability of volume back to International Standards through National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and National Research Laboratory-Light Laser Standard.

Certificates of Calibration Are Available Upon Request.

SGE offers a factory calibration service at an additional cost, for syringes nominated by you at the time of purchase. These syringes are supplied with a Certificate of Calibration providing volume conformance and traceability. Syringes are also identified by an engraved number on the syringe flange. SGE uses a superior technique of calibrated volume based on the length and inner diameter of the syringe barrel. The use of specialized measuring equipment results in the highest degree of displacement volume accuracy and provides calibration accuracy.

GC and LC AutoSampler Syringes are available in a variety of sizes and styles for most chromatographs.

Styles include: Fixed Needle Syringe - is easy-to-use and economical.
Removable Needle Syringe - allows for easy replacement of the needle in case of bending and enables you to change to a different length or outer diameter needle using the same syringe.
MicroVolume Syringe With Plunger-in-needle - plunger extends to needle tip so sample is contained only in the needle with no glass contact.
MicroVolume Syringe with Standard Plunger - stainless steel plunger is individually fitted to its own barrel. Plunger is not replaceable .
Gas Tight Syringe - has PTFE tip plunger and is suitable for both liquid and gas samples. Plunger is replaceable.
Plunger Protection - has an extended protection tube from the top of the flange, which prevents the plunger from bending during injection.
SuperfleX* Flexible Plunger is made form Titanium / Nickel with an indestructible plunger.

Needle Selection:

Choose the appropriate tip style to suit your application or your instrument.
Cone Tip minimizes septum coring for GC Autosampler.
Bevel Tip is the standard general purpose needle tip style for dispensing liquids, ideal for GC analysis with manual injection.
Tapered Tip tapers to narrow gauge at front end for on-column injection while wide gauge increases strength for autosampler use.
LC Tip, square tip needle prevents damage to the valve's rotor seal and stator face of the injector. Suitable for pipetting of liquids.
Dome Tip is rounded and polished to facilitate septum penetration.
Side Hole / Dome Tip, liquid sample is filled and dispensed through the side hole.
Recommended for large volume GC injection.
Other tip styles may be available upon request.