Solvent Extraction

Solvent Extraction

Solvent Extraction Product Lines:

An Alternate Method of Soil Extraction for EPA Method 3546

Environmental Express, known for its innovative products, has developed the Soil-Cell system for the extraction of semi-volatile organic compounds in soil samples. The Soil-Cell system meets the requirements of the Performance Based Measurement System established by the EPA and replaces microwave technology with a HotBlock and stainless steel Soil Extraction Cells. Analytical results of a CRM (Certified Reference Material) for PAH/BNA and TPH fell within the required acceptance limits and were very reproducible. Real world soil samples were also extracted using this procedure for PAH/BNA, and PCB compounds and compared to results achieved using SW846 Method 3545A. Results were comparable for both groups of compounds.

25 or 35 extractions at a time
-  Uses 30-40 mls of solvent which is a 10X reduction from more traditional techniques such as sonication or      
-  30 minute extraction time
-  Closed environment
-  Small footprint.

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