Syringe Filters, Disposable

Syringe Filters, Disposable
We've improved our packaging to keep up with the hectic pace of your laboratory. The innovative design of our Easy Access Dispenser makes storing and accessing your CLARITY High Performance 25mm syringe filters easier and more convenient than ever.

Unique Environmental Express CLARITY High Performance Syringe Filter Design Improves Performance.

  • 25mm syringe filters are available in four membrane types, Nylon, PTFE, Polyvinyldifluoride (PVDF), and Polyethersulfone (PES)

  • Effective filtration area increased by 31% over competing brands

  • Improved flow rates

  • Less flow decay from particulate loading

  • Available with or without prefilters

  • Ultrasonically welded for a leak-proof seal

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13mm Nylon

Item No. Description
SF122N Syringe Filters - Nylon, 13mm, 0.22µm, 100pk

13mm PTFE

Item No. Description
SF122T Syringe Filters - PTFE, 13mm, 0.2µm, 100pk

25mm Cellulose Acetate

Item No. Description
SF045CA Syringe Filters-Cellulose Acetate, 25mm, 0.45µm, 200pk
SF145CA Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-CA,25mm, 0.45µm,200pk

25mm Glass Fiber

Item No. Description
SF012G Syringe Filters - Glass Fiber, 25mm, 1.2µm, 200pk
SF015G Syringe Filters - Glass Fiber, 25mm, 1.5µm, 200pk
SF1070G Syringe Filters-GF, Acid Washed, 25mm, 0.7µm, 200pk

25mm Nylon

Item No. Description
SF020N Syringe Filters - Nylon, 25mm, 0.2µm, 200pk
SF045N Syringe Filters - Nylon, 25mm, 0.45µm, 200pk
SF120N Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-Nylon,25mm,0.2µm,200pk
SF145N Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-Nylon,25mm,0.45µm,200pk

25mm PES

Item No. Description
SF020E Syringe Filters - PES, 25mm, 0.2µm, 200pk
SF045E Syringe Filters - PES, 25mm, 0.45µm, 200pk
SF120E Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-PES, 25mm, 0.2µm,200pk
SF145E Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-PES,25mm, 0.45µm,200pk
SF245E Syringe Filters w/PTFE Prefilter-PES,25mm,0.45µm,200pk

25mm PTFE

Item No. Description
SF020T Syringe Filters - PTFE, 25mm, 0.2µm, 200pk
SF045T Syringe Filters - PTFE, 25mm, 0.45µm, 200pk
SF120T Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-PTFE,25mm, 0.2µm,200pk
SF145T Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-PTFE,25mm,0.45µm,200pk


Are there COAs for syringe filters - SF045N?

This product does not have a COA that goes with it.

Do these filters contain organic binder?

This product is made with binderless, glass fiber filters.

Does this product have a certificate of analysis SF045E

This product does not come with a COA.

Is this filter compareable to Whatman 25mm GD/X Glass Microfiber GMF?

Yes, with the exception of the prefilter material. Whatman uses a glass fiber, while we use a relatively inert polymer.

looking for filters that DO NOT leach lead. can i assume that all filters listed here do not leach lead?

We do not specifically test any of our filter materials for lead content. That being said there are some materials that are inherently cleaner for metals than others. The part numbers ending with “T” have a PTFE filter inside. These will be the cleanest from a background standpoint. You should keep in mind that PTFE is hydrophobic and may be difficult with a neutral aqueous matrix. If your sample is acidic it will filter somewhat easier. The part numbers ending in “G” are acid washed glass fiber. While we do not test these, they are the same material that is used for our TCLP filters. You can look here ( for a sample of the TCLP certificate. It will give you an idea of what you can expect from this filter. Both of those materials have a good acid resistance. The part numbers ending in “E” are polyethersulfone (PES). This material is generally low in inorganic ions but only has limited acid resistance. The part numbers ending with “N” are nylon filters. They do not have good acid resistance at all. If your samples are acid preserved they would not hold up well. There are samples available of almost all of these items. If you would like to try a sample to see if it gives satisfactory performance please contact your sales representative.

Do you sell the SF045N in less than a 200 pk?

The 200 pk is the only size that we offer.

can we remove the filter from the cover? thanks

The filters cannot be removed from the housing. They are ultrasonically welded together.

What type of filters are SF600-T?

The filter material is made of PTFE.

Do you have a background analysis report for SF045N filters? If so please forward.

We do not have background analysis reports for any of our syringe filters. We would be happy to send you a sample to see if they meet the needs of your analysis.

Do you have this product in a sterile package

We do not currently offer sterile syringe filters.


These filters were designed for use in filtering small aliquots of TCLP extract.

I am lookin for .45 um membrane syringe filter for trace metal analysis. Unsure of filter media to use.

The proper filter depends on when in the process you will be filtering the samples. If the filtering is to occur after sample digestion you would be best served using a PTFE (SF045T) or PVDF (SF045V) filter material. These offer the highest resistance to acid. PTFE seems to be the most popular choice. Be aware that, due to its hydrophobic characteristics, PTFE filters may require pre-wetting with alcohol prior to filtering aqueous solutions.

Can you tell me which filter would be the best for a dissolved organic carbon analysis? The ones we are using now are adding a carbon background.

I presume you want a 0.45 micron filter for this analysis. SF045E is a PES filter material that should give you low background carbon levels.

Price for item no. SF045NS. Do you carry 500/pk?

SF045NS is a sample pack of SF045N. You can order one sample pack to try for free. The product comes in bags of 200. Please see the product page for current pricing.

do you have any syringe filters that are larger that 0.45um? These clog up really fast for what I\'m using them for and I need some with a larger pore space.

We have SF015G in a 1.5 micron, SF1070G in a 0.7 micron, and SF200T in a 2 micron pore size. The first 2 are glass fiber filters and the third is a PTFE filter.

Are these filters compatible with DMSO?

Yes, this particular filter is compatible with DMSO. The filter itself is glass fiber and it is housed in polypropylene. Both of these materials will withstand contact with DMSO.

What is the temperature range these filters can withstand?

The filter material can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. The polypropylene housing is the limiting factor in the application temperature. Polypropylene should be kept in the operating range of 0-130 C.

Hello, just out of curiosity is the SF045E filters sterile or non-sterile? Thanks:)

We do not currently manufacture sterile syringe filters. This is an area we have considered and will continue to look at in the future.

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