Trace Metals on Filter Media

Trace Metals on Filter Media

Filter media with infused metals are available for QC generation for your lab.  Whether you are analyzing many elements or just Beryllium, choose the appropriate filter.  All filters come with a C of A and MSDS. 

Item No. Description
QC-TMFM-A Trace Metals on Filters-1-10µg,10 filters, 5 blanks
QC-TMFM-C Trace Metals on Filters-10-100 µg,10 filters, 5 Blanks
QC-TMFM-D Trace Metals on Filters- 0.1-50µg,10 filters, 5 blanks
QC-TMFM-E Trace Metals on Filters-0.2-100µg,10 filters, 5 blanks
QC-TMFM-G Trace Metals on Filters- 5-50µg, 10 filters, 5 blanks


Hi, How many filters is coming for pack

This is a pack of 2 filters.

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