25mm Cassettes

25mm Cassettes

All Environmental Express 25mm Air Monitoring Cassettes are numbered and Bar-coded and come with a Certificate of Quality.

Asbestos cassettes are made of conductive polypropylene and come with MCE filters. All cassettes are sealed with the LOK-SealTM band. Both PCM and TEM cassettes come in boxes of 50 and include cassette labels and a Certificate of Quality. 

Item No. Description
CS25080 25mm, 0.8µm, Banded Asbestos PCM Cassette, 50pk
CS25080GG 25mm PCM Cassette with Green Grid Printed on Filter
CS25080N 25mm, 0.8µm, Banded Asbestos PCM Cassette w/#'s, 50pk
CS25455-50 25mm, 0.45µm, Banded Asbestos TEM Cassette, 50pk


how do i use the PCM 0.8µm MCE, TEM 0.45µm MCE

The PCM 0.8µm MCE cartridge is for use with NIOSH 7400 method. The TEM 0.45µm MCE cartridge is for use with the NIOSH 7402 method. A link to these methods can be found on each respective product’s page on our website.

Do I need an SDS for this product? If so please email .

This product does not have an SDS.

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