37mm Cassettes

37mm Cassettes

Preloaded Air Sampling Filter Cassettes

Preloaded air sampling filter cassettes are a convenient way to collect air quality samples using a personal or area pump. They test for a variety of common contaminants and are available in multiple diameters and configurations for use with numerous types of attachments required for some applications. As the name implies, unlike other cassettes, they come preloaded with a filter media, eliminating the need for assembly or weighing beforehand.

Zefon International manufactures a variety of preloaded air sampling filter cassettes that meet NIOSH, OSHA, and other regulatory standards. Working in an ISO 9001:2015-certified facility, we ensure each component meets our exceptionally high-quality control standards, delivering excellent value for your purchasing dollar.


Our extensive selection of preloaded air sampling filter cassettes has a wide range of potential uses. They are essential for mining, construction, pharmaceutical and other industrial applications where contaminants pose a risk to human health or product integrity. Use them for:

  • Sampling for silica and respirable dust
  • Sampling for airborne metals, including lead
  • Asbestos air sampling (often referred to as PCM cassette or TEM cassettes)

And more. Once the sample is collected, cassettes are easily transported to a laboratory for analysis. There's no need to open the filter cassette or transfer the sample to a different container. Simply close the filter cassette and send to the laboratory with the required chain of custody paperwork.

Glass Fiber, 37 mm Casettes

Item No. Description
CU37G850 37mm, 3pc, 1.0µm GF Filter Cassette, 50pk

Mixed Cellulose Ester (MCE), 37 mm Casettes

Item No. Description
CB37080 37mm, 3pc, 0.8µm, BANDED, MCE Cassette, 50pk
CU37080 37mm, 3pc, 0.8µm, MCE Cassette, 50pk
CU37080-2 37mm, 2pc, 0.8µm, MCE Cassette, 50pk
CU37080MW 37mm, 3pc, 0.8µm, Matched Weight MCE Cassette, 50pk

PTFE, 37 mm Casettes

Item No. Description
CU37100T 37mm, 3pc, 1.0µm,PTFE Cassette, 50pk

PVC, 37 mm Casettes

Item No. Description
CU37500PVC 37mm, 3pc, 5.0µm, PVC Cassette, 50pk
CU37500PVCMW 37mm, 3pc, 5.0µm, MatchedWeighed PVC Cassette, 50pk
CU37500PVCPW 37mm, 3pc, 5.0µm, PreWeighed PVC Cassette, 50pk
CU37500PVCPW2 37mm, 2pc, 5.0µm, PreWeighed PVC Cassette, 50pk


How are these used

For specific use instructions consult the sampling method of choice. Generally speaking a pump is attached to one side of the cartridge and a specific volume of air (generally measured by time of exposure and the capacity of the pump) is drawn across the filter. The cartridge is then capped and send to a lab for analysis.

can this be used to collect airborne silica in response to OSHA\'s new Silica Exposure standard?

The OSHA method for silica sampling says to use preweighed, 37 mm, 5 um, 3-piece, PVC cassette with a cyclone sampler. The cassette that you would need is CU37500PVCPW. We do not sell cyclone samplers.

I would like to know who makes the cassetts and filters, thanks in advance, Dra. Murillo

We manufacture this product at Environmental Express.

What are the significant figures for your preweights in ug amounts, please send me an example coa

The cassettes are weighed to 5 decimal places. They do not come with a COA.

What is the shelf life for this product?

There is no shelf life associated with this product.

Is this item considered hazardous and is there a safety data sheet for this item (CU37080)

This item does not ship as hazardous because it falls under the excepted quantity qualification. There is a SDS available for the MCE material.

What is the shelf life for the CU37500PVC - 37mm, 5.0 um, 3 pc.

We do not have an expiration date for these cassettes.

Is there an expiration date for these cassettes?

We have not set any sort of expiration date for this product. We have heard of other users putting internal expiration times on them but we do not have any data one way or the other as to how long is appropriate.

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