Does this filter meet the requirements for OSHA Analytical Method W4001?

Per OSHA Method W4001:\r\n\r\nWipe samples are collected by using firm hand pressure to move a 37-mm\r\ndiameter polyvinyl chloride (PVC) filter, 5-?m pore size, across the surface\r\nof interest. An alternate medium for rough surfaces is a 37-mm binderless\r\nquartz fiber filter. Samples are digested with multiple buffered solutions.\r\nAfter dilution, an aliquot of this solution is analyzed for hexavalent chromium\r\n(Cr(VI)) by ion chromatography with postcolumn derivatization of the Cr(VI)\r\nwith 1,5-diphenyl carbazide and detected by a UV-vis detector at 540 nm.\r\n\r\nWe have two filters that meet this requirement:\r\n\r\nF37500PVC - Filters - PVC w/ pads, 37mm, 5.0µm, 100pk\r\nF37501PVC - Filters - PVC, 37mm, 5.0µm, 100pk\r\n\r\nWe also offer the alterate medium, a binderless quartz fiber filter:\r\n\r\nFQ037MM - Quartz Fiber Filters - Heat Treated, 37mm, 200pk \r\n\r\n\r\n

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