Here at Environmental Express, our customers are the life-blood of our company. Their satisfaction is the key to our success. In their own words, hear what our customers have to say about us.

Competitive pricing! 
I was very pleased with every part of my experience. Service, pricing and being a Government entity, the freight being included really gave you an edge over the competition on this order...and will on many more with that option. Thank you for your excellence! 
- Barbara D. - Kent County WWTF

Friendly Customer Service!
Not really any room for improvement. The customer service rep was friendly and able to complete my order when I asked for "same as last time.
- Stephanie R. - Somersworth WWTP

Knowledgeable Sales Representatives!
Lisa was helpful in this matter as she always is. We have been able to save a lot of money purchasing with her assistance. 
- Larry A. - Electrochemical Products

Quick delivery & Great Customer Service!
“Great customer service responses, very clear on phone and detailed with entire order, extremely quick delivery time, all shipped in the same box on the same day!” 
- Rachel S. - City of Astbury

Economical Products!
“Craig has done a fine job working with us to bring in products that make it easy and economical to do our work.” 
- James L.- Analytical Balance Corp

Ease of Ordering!
“Quality of products and ease of ordering.” 
- Rich G.- City of Elyria

Friendly Customer Service!
“Jessica is always helpful, friendly, and informed. I appreciate how easy to work with she is.” 
- Griffin G.- Fauquier County Water & Sanitation Authority

Care & Concern!
“Very helpful in introducing products” 
- Andy L.- City of Garland

User Friendly Website!
“Ease on viewing products on your website in which description details, images and specifications of products is very helpful on deciding the applicability to our field.” 
- Abduljamar J. - Australian Lab Services

Problem Resolution!
"I was having a problem with TDS and received excellent advice and recommendation for a new product. Problem solved!Very happy!” 
- Michelle C. - City of Santa Cruz

Efficient Customer Service & Great Prices!
"Jessica was so nice and gave me the Pitt Con 20% off, which I was very happy about. Everything came in a timely manner. I love ordering supplies from Env Exp; the process is very easy, the shipment is always correct and the prices are great for my small lab budget. Thank you!” 
- Brian S. - Northern Gila County Sanitary District

Efficient Customer Service & Fast Shipping!
"Andrea was very efficient taking my order and as expected everything arrived the next day, except for one item that ships from the supplier. Keep shipping fast, reasonably priced, quality products, and you will keep my business." 
- Tim C. - City of Lavonia

Great service!
"Every contact I have had with your staff has been fantastic. I look forward to doing business with you in 2017!" 

Impressive Service!
"What means the most to me is that I can speak to your representatives on the phone (David and Wesley). I ask technical questions and seek advice to guide my selection of products. Your people are usually very knowledgeable about the products and applications. Environmental Express impresses me, that they continue to develop and improve upon products that reduce labor and improve quality of results in our laboratories. Too often vendors offer such a wide range of products there is no attempt by the vendor to optimize any of their offerings to a target group of users. Please continue what you have been doing." 
- Brad M. - Pecofacet

Prompt Responses!
"I'm very pleased to work with Environmental Express Team especially with David Reeves. Always! He responds very promptly and he always helps to find the right solution. Thanks for the support!" 
- Olga E. - Analyt Express

Friendly & Knowledgeable Employees!
"very friendly and knowledgeable employees. Will return for further business." 
-Jennifer D. - City of Longmont

Innovative Products & Superior Support!
"When I called, Michael was very friendly and was more than willing to fulfill my request for a sample of your TDS vessels. He then recommended the other products in the line of products for TDS analysis, as they really make the TDS analysis, using your new vessel product, as user friendly as can be. Not pushy, just letting me know - my preferred approach if I am going to get a sales pitch. Sample of product arrived within a week! I've found Env. Exp. to be great to work with for many years (probably 10-15) and can't recall a single negative interaction. When I've had issues with any of the products received, replacements have been immediately dispatched with a simple phone call. Great company, fantastic innovative products with superior support. I can't ask for much more from any of my suppliers of analytical supplies." 
- Scott J. - City of Modesto

Prompt Service!
"I like the promptness of both the quotes and delivery services. Keep up the good work." 
- Jamie J. - General Engineering Labs

Attention to Detail!
"I've talked to Andrea Strickland almost with every order, and she has been incredibly helpful. I don't always have all the correct information, but she makes sure I order the right product. Terrific, thanks so much!" 
- Aaron B. - Denver Water

"Never have I had a sales representative as accommodating and driven as Kenny." 
- Jerry V. - Kershaw Mineral Lab

Meets Expectations!
"I receive the same high level of service that I have come to expect from E.E. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing that needs to be changed." 
- Mark J. - NC State Lab of Public Health

Great Attitudes!
"The attitude of the sales representatives. They of course are knowledgeable, but I most appreciate talking to people who don't sound miserable to be where they are. Nothing has ever gone wrong with any stage of the ordering process for me and even if something did, I know Jessica or anyone else there would be super easy to work with." 
- Griffin G. - Fauquier County Water & Sanitation

Ease of Communication!
"I appreciated the ease of communication with Melissa. She is great to work with and set up my order promptly so that I did not have any downtime." 
- Brice S. - Bravo Environmental

Great Support!
"As always I was very pleased to work with Environmental Express Team, especially David Reeves and Joanne Poole. Instantaneous response and attention to all my questions or wishes are the hallmark of their work. I'm thanking them for the great support! " 
- Griffin G. - Fauquier County Water & Sanitation