Tech Tip Videos

We are proud to release "Tech Tip" videos on the following products:

AutoBlock for automated Metals Digestions

HotBlocks for the disposable digestion of metals samples

AutoBlock Fill for the automation of metals digestion sample preparation

Soil-Cell for EPA Method 3546 Semi-Volatile Organic Extractions

GhostWipes for Lead and Beryllium Dust Sampling

SimpleDist for the distillation of Ammonia and Cyanide

FilterMate and Flipmate efficient ways to filter samples

SPE-Express Automated System for Oil and Grease

BOD Analysis Tips

StepSaver for EPA Method 1664

StableWeigh for Total Dissolved Solids

StepSaver - New & Improved for Oil & Grease extractions

DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton) Pipetters