Take 25% Off the Following Equipment

Through October 2, 2020, Environmental Express is offering 25% off some of our popular equipment products.

Use Promo Code: EQUIP25

Metals Digestion Equipment:

AB4001 AutoBlock™ -  AutoBlock Plus System, 120V
ABF5000 AutoBlock Fill - AutoBlock Fill System
ABF5200 AutoBlock Fill - AB Fill AirLite Enclosure, 120V
C6002HotBlock® - 12-Position, 50mL, SimpleDist
SC100 HotBlock® - 36-Position, 50mL
SC150 HotBlock® - 25-Position, 100mL
SC151 HotBlock® - 35-Position, 100mL
SC154 HotBlock® - 54-Position, 50mL
SC1831 HotBlock® 200 - Controller - 1-Block, Each
SC1832 HotBlock® 200 - Controller - 2-Block, Each
SC196 HotBlock® - 96-Position, 15mL
SC2015-96 HotBlock® 200 - 96-position, 15mL, 120V (Block Only)
SC2050-36 HotBlock® 200 - 36-position, 50mL, 120V (Block Only)
SC2050-54 HotBlock® 200 - 54-position, 50mL, 120V (Block Only)
SC2100-25 HotBlock® 200 - 25-position, 100mL, 120V (Block Only)
SC2100-35 HotBlock® 200 - 35-position, 100mL, 120V (Block Only)
SC801HotBlock® - AirLite® HEPA-Filtered Enclosure

COD Equipment:

B3000 HotBlock® COD Reactor - 56-Position

Distillation Equipment:

C8000SimpleDist Micro - 26 Position Distillation Block
C8001SimpleDist Micro Press, EACH

Oil & Grease Equipment:

G6000StepSaver Complete System - Disposable Funnel
G6001StepSaver - Individual Station, Disposable Funnel
G6047StepSaver Complete System - 47mm Glass Funnel
G6048StepSaver - Individual Station, 47mm Glass Funnel
G6090StepSaver Complete System - 90mm Glass Funnel
G6091StepSaver - Individual Station, 90mm Glass Funnel
G7000SPE - QuikVap Evaporating System, Each

Electrochemistry Equipment:

ONLY Oakton/Environmental Express Oakton Meters and Probes are eligible for the 25% discount. 

Items Excluded from Discount: 
Environmental Express Oakton pH/ORP Portable Meters and Probes (PH200, PH250, PH260, PH350)
Environmental Express Oakton CON Portable Meters and Probes (EC200, EC250, EC260, EC350)
Environmental Express Oakton DO Portable Meters and Probes (DO200, DO250, DO260, DO300, DO350)
Environmental Express Oakton pH/CON/ORP Portable Meters (PC250, PC260, PC350)
Environmental Express Oakton pH/CON/ORPDO Portable Meters (PCD380)
Environmental Express Oakton pH/DO/ORP Portable Meters (PD250, PD260, PD360)
Environmental Express Oakton Smart Sensor Portable Meters and Probes (WQ350, WQ360, WQ380)

Terms & Conditions:

  • Offer valid through 10/2/20
  • Discounts are taken off LIST PRICE
  • Offer not available to resellers and distributors