BOD Bottles

BOD Bottles

Disposable & Glass Biochemical Oxygen Demand (B.O.D.) Bottles

Environmental Express' disposable BOD bottles provide huge labor savings and improved quality in any environmental laboratory. Lightweight, unbreakable and recyclable, disposable bottles offer safety as well as convenience.

The US EPA recommends the use of Environmental Express disposable BOD bottles be allowed for EPA approved Methods.

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Click here for an independent comparative study on glass bottles versus disposable.

Bottles are formed from PET resin, the most recycled plastic available. Simply use once and toss into the recycling bin. Consider how many gallons of water per year you use washing, triple rinsing and DI rinsing your glass BOD bottles. With disposable bottles you conserve water and eliminate waste water treatment.

The use of clean, new bottles eliminates the problem of contamination from sample carry over or detergent residue. Our disposable bottles have an amorphous carbon coating which keeps oxygen from diffusing into or out of your sample. Bottles provide uniform blanks, high standard recoveries and quality test data.

Bottles come packaged and are individually barcoded and numbered.

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Environmental Express plastic BOD stoppers work with all brands of glass and plastic, 60mL and 300mL BOD bottles. Easily identify what's in the BOD bottle based on the color of the stopper. The colored cap on the BOD stopper can be used to differentiate your samples as shown below or you can create your own plan:

Blue (D1025-BLUE) - samples and duplicates
Black (D1025-BLACK) - blanks
Green (D1025-GREEN) - quality control (GGA) samples
Red (D1025-RED) - seed control factor

Speak to your sales representative about custom color options (minimum purchase quantities may apply).

*BOD Stopper Patent Pending

BOD Bottles

Item No. Description
D1001 BOD: Disposable BOD Bottle, 300mL, 100/Case
D1003 BOD: Glass Bottle w/ Stopper, 300mL, 24/case
D1006 BOD: Glass Bottle w/Stopper, 60mL, 36/case

BOD Stoppers & Overcaps

Item No. Description
D1025-BLACK BOD Bottle Stopper, Plastic, Black Cap, 25/pk
D1025-BLUE BOD Bottle Stopper, Plastic, Blue Cap, 25/pk
D1025-GREEN BOD Bottle Stopper, Plastic, Green Cap, 25/pk
D1025-RED BOD Bottle Stopper, Plastic, Red Cap, 25/pk
D1050 BOD: Overcaps for BOD Bottles, 50pk

Method Guide - BOD

Item No. Description
D1020 BOD: Book - A Bug's Eye View of the BOD Test


Are these stoppers autoclave safe?

No, the stoppers are not compatible with sterilization in an autoclave.

Where can I find the COA for specific BOD bottle lots?

BOD bottles do not come with a certificate of analysis.

How much do the disposable BOD bottles cost?

Please contact your sales representative or log in with your customer ID to get the current price on this item.

What is the best cleaner (detergent) to use when cleaning BOD bottles using a industrial dishwasher?

We generally recommend Alconox detergent when cleaning glass BOD bottles.

Do you provide certificates of analysis for the BOD bottle lots?

BOD bottles do not come with a certificate of analysis.

Hello, we want to know do you make acrylic stoppers of different kinds? We can send you a photo of example and can you tell us can we order and how much it wil be? We are a firm from Armenia.

This is the only acrylic stopper we offer. We do not have the capability of making other sizes or styles.

Are these bottles compatible with the regular glass stoppers or do you have to have the acrylic ones?

We sell the acrylic stoppers but the standard glass stoppers also fit the disposable BOD bottles.

In the past we got a booklet called BOD From a Bug\'s Eye View (I think)and I think we got it from you. Would like to get another on if it\'s available

That is item D1020.

Are the disposable BOD bottles ready for immediate use? Is there any preparation needed to be done to the bottles (i.e. rinsing the inside of the bottle) before using them for the BOD analysis?

These bottles are ready for immediate use right out of the box.

how many times can you reuse bod glasses bottle before replacing them

Glass BOD bottles can theoretically be reused as often as desired as long as they don\'t break. You must employ a rigorous cleaning procedure to ensure no bacteria or biodegradable material is present in the bottle from previous analyses.

Do bottles have a COA verifying the volume accuracy of 300mL?

Yes, we do have a volume certification for the BOD bottle. You can find the documents under the Technical tab on our website. \r\n\r\nhttp://www.envexp.com/technical \r\n\r\nClick on ‘Volume Certifications’, then click ‘Volume Data – D1001’. Then, find the document associated with your lot number.

hello, What measurements does the neck have inside the bottle?

These BOD acrylic bottle stoppers fit all standard size glass BOD bottles as well as our disposable, BOD bottles.

is there a volume discount on these?

Please contact your sales representative to discuss the price of items that you order.

What maximum temperature can these bottles handle before they begin to melt?

Our disposable BOD bottles are made from PET resin, which has a melting point of 260°C.

do these bottles have an expiration date?

No, BOD bottles do not have an expiration date.

What is the measurement of the stoppers in mm.

The diameter of the stopper is approximately 20.75 mm. The length of the joint is approximately 28.00 mm. This stopper is the same size as pretty much all BOD stoppers. It fits all glass and plastic BOD bottles.

Is Environmental Express the manufacturer of BOD bottles?

Yes, Environmental Express is the manufacturer of our disposable BOD bottles.

Are the bottles recyclable after waste water testing? Is it considered hazardous if recycled?

Yes, the bottles are recyclable after waste water testing. No, they are not considered hazardous.

Is there a plan in the future to have them preprinted with barcodes and numbers to distinguish samples?

The D1001 bottles currently come with preprinted numbers on them to distinguish samples. We do not plan on adding barcodes to the bottle. Barcode scanners aren’t able to pick up the barcode on these bottles because of light scattering.

What is the cost per case of the plastic 300 mL BOD bottles?

You can log into our website and see the current pricing for this product. You can also call customer service at 1-800-343-5319 for assistance.

are they dishwasher safe?

Yes they are dishwasher safe. These stoppers are made of acrylic which is safe to 90°C. However, they are not autoclave safe. Be sure to rinse them well to remove any possible residue that may be left from dishwasher.

Are these caps reusable?

Yes the overcaps (D1050) are reusable.

Do you have any nutrient solution to use with these bottles?

Yes, we have nutrients available in multiple sizes. Please refer to the following product page: http://www.envexp.com/products/1-Wet_Chemistry/BOD-BOD_Testing/BODDW-Dilution_Water

what temperature are they good to?

These stoppers are made of acrylic which is safe to 90°C. They are not autoclave safe.

I have never run a BOD test using 60ml sized bottles. Using wastewater and DOmeter readings are the results comparable and acceptable to 300ml bottle results?

The most important thing to keep in mind when using a different size bottle is to keep the volume percentage of sample the same. If you are used to using 100 mL of sample in a 300 mL bottle you would need to reduce that down to 20 mL of sample in a 60 mL bottle. Similarly, when preparing the GGA standard you will need to make sure that you use 20% of what is normally used.

Are the D1025 BOD Stoppers considered disposable? What is the price?

The D1025 stoppers for the BOD bottles are intended to be used over and over again. Current pricing can be found by logging into the website or contacting your sales rep.

Are these bottles volume accurate?

The bottles are designed to hold 300 mL of liquid. There is no graduation line on the bottle anywhere to signify the fill line to achieve this volume. Because of the natural inconsistencies in forming glass products there will be some deviation from bottle to bottle.

What does this book cost and how do I order it?

The book can be ordered online if you have an online login. Otherwise please call us at 800-343-5319 to place an order.

What is the max temperature the bottle can handle? We are trying to see if the bottle can withstand a hot water bath.

The bottles are molded from PET, which has a melting point of 260°C.

Where does the item ship from?

This item ships from Charleston, SC.

How many capule(s) per volume of dilution water?

The instructions included with Polyseed call for the contents of one capsule to be added to 500 mL dilution water. However, the formulation is flexible in that it allows each laboratory to adjust this volume of water in order to get the seed strength in whatever range is desired.

Can I use glass stoppers?

Yes, the standard glass stoppers will fit into these bottles.

Does Env Express have a program for recycling the disposable BOD bottles? Or is that something we would have to do locally through a recycling program?

We do not have a recycling program for the BOD bottles. They are number 1 PET plastic and are easily recyclable. Check with your local municipality for recycling programs and instructions in your area.

Do you have data on how the disp BOD bottles work for a twenty day BOD?

Because of the lack of information regarding QC we have not gathered any data for tests lasting longer than 5 days for our disposable BOD bottles. We do have customers who have used the bottles for longer term BOD projects. It will depend entirely on the composition of the sample and how it might react with the coating on the bottle.

What is the height of this bottle? It is also suitable for method ISO 5815-1 with luminescence probes?

These bottles are the standard size of all glass BOD bottles. It measures 5.5\" H X 2.625\" W. The mouth has a flared opening 1.375\" wide. The bottles will fit all standard dissolved oxygen probes sold for BOD use. They are suitable for use with luminescence based or Clark cell probes.

Do you have a certification of the volume for BOD Bottles?

Disposable BOD bottles are volume accurate to 300 mL +/- 1%. The volume accuracy is determined by weight using an analytical balance certified with Class S weights traceable to NIST at room temperature. Certificates are not supplied with the bottles but every lot is tested to meet these requirements before they are released.

Do the disposible BOD bottles leach carbon (dissolved organic carbon)? How long does the carbon coating last?

Our disposable BOD bottles do not leach carbon. The carbon coating will last indefinitely, however it is not recommended that the bottles are re-used as cleaning the bottles may scratch the coating, thereby sacrificing the integrity of the oxygen impermeable bottle.

Do you receive a certificate of calibration w/ the bottles?

No certification is provided with the BOD bottles.

the volume of the bottle is 300 ml +/- ?? ml ? thanks fore a data sheet

The volume of our disposable BOD bottle is 300mL +/- 3mL. The uniformity of our disposable bottles has been found to be better than the uniformity of glass bottles due to inequalities that are inherent in the manufacturing process of glass bottles.

Can we recycle these bottles?

Yes, they are PET, number one recyclable. Please check with your municipality for further details.

Why are the bottles yellow?

They are yellow due to the amorphous carbon coating. This coating prevents oxygen migration in or out of the bottle.

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