how many times can you reuse bod glasses bottle before replacing them

Glass BOD bottles can theoretically be reused as often as desired as long as they don\'t break. You must employ a rigorous cleaning procedure to ensure no bacteria or biodegradable material is present in the bottle from previous analyses.

Are these bottles volume accurate?

The bottles are designed to hold 300 mL of liquid. There is no graduation line on the bottle anywhere to signify the fill line to achieve this volume. Because of the natural inconsistencies in forming glass products there will be some deviation from bottle to bottle.

What is the height of this bottle? It is also suitable for method ISO 5815-1 with luminescence probes?

These bottles are the standard size of all glass BOD bottles. It measures 5.5\" H X 2.625\" W. The mouth has a flared opening 1.375\" wide. The bottles will fit all standard dissolved oxygen probes sold for BOD use. They are suitable for use with luminescence based or Clark cell probes.

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