I am looking for a BOD meter that can measure either instantly, or within a few hours, and has a range of 0-250 mg/L. Would this qualify?

There are no methods available to measure BOD instantly. The BOD test must be done over a five day incubation period. This is a dissolved oxygen meter that will help measure the initial and final concentrations of oxygen needed to calculate the BOD value. There are ways to estimate the BOD value utilizing other methods. TOC and COD are often used in this capacity. It is also possible to do a specific oxygen uptake rate on a sample with a high enough depletion rate.

Can this probe connect to YSI 5000 meter. thank you

This probe is not designed for use with the 5000 series meters. It must be used with the ProODO or ProSolo meters.

Can this probe connect direct to YSI 5000 meter? thank you

This probe is not designed for use with the 5000 series meters. It must be used with the ProODO or ProSolo meters.

Is it EPA approved? What are the annual maintenance costs? New probe? sensor cap? Does it require moving water, ie stir bar?

The EPA does not approve technology or equipment any longer, they approve methods and require that any technology follows the chemistry of that method. This DO meter/probe is one of the optical varieties. There are approved methods for DO/BOD that do have the optical probes as the required equipment. You can use this probe/meter with any of the approved optical DO methods. The maintenance on this probe consists of replacing the sensor cap every 365 days. There is a countdown timer in the microchip on the cap that starts from the first day of use. The replacement cap part number is EE3564051. This probe does not require a stirrer of any sort to obtain an accurate reading. Stirring the sample will speed up the reading time by a small amount.

Is this probe EPA approved or PA DEP approved?

EPA does not approve or endorse specific instruments. However, EPA does not restrict the use of instruments or equipment that employ technology which is different from the EPA approved methods as long as the user follows the procedures required in the EPA methods, as well as the manufacturer’s operating instructions for proper use. Standard Methods 5210 B is the most commonly used method for BOD analysis. It calls for the DO content to be measured using either the azide modification of iodometric method or a membrane electrode. Footnote 63 in the table of approved test procedures from 40 CFR part 136 carries the following instructions “Hach Method 10360, Luminescence Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen in Water and Wastewater and for Use in the Determination of BOD5 and cBOD5. Revision 1.2, October 2011. Hach Company. This method may be used to measure dissolved oxygen when performing the methods approved in Table IB for measurement of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand (CBOD).”

The method asks that you adjust pH while performing BOD analysis. Do you have a probe/meter that does DO and pH?

There are meters available that will do both DO and pH. You will have to have a separate probe for each parameter. Item TORSTARA2160 has two ports available, one for a pH probe and one for a DO or RDO probe. There is also a meter that is customizable for the parameters that it can read. TORVSTAR00 has 4 module slots available. You can order any combination of pH/ISE, DO/RDO, or conductivity modules to customize your setup. The setup can be modified at any time as your needs change.

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