Is it possible to use D1059 - BOD: Insert for Skalar® BOD Analyzer, 18-Place for glas bottles or what is the size (diameter) of the holes? Price?

This rack is designed to hold our disposable bottles in place in the Skalar brand BOD analyzer. As such, it will not fit the glass bottles. The diameter of the holes is 2.625”, the same as the diameter of the disposable bottles.

Do you carry these racks that hold 24 bottles? They seem very hard to come by.

The 12-place rack is the only size we offer for this type of rack.

do this rack works with the BOD AutoEz from thermo

We have not tried this rack on any instrument other than the Skalar BOD Analyzer. The dimensions of the rack are 18.125\" x 9\" x 2.25\". The rack is designed to hold 18 bottles.

Will this rack hold the Environmental Express glass BOD bottles?

No, it is designed specifically to hold the disposable plastic.

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