Would an HDPE Buchner funnel or a polypropylene funnel be EPA method acceptable for TSS instead of the porcelain Buchner funnel?

Yes, those options would be acceptable. The methods make no requirement on the filter holder other than it hold the filter securely in place. As long as the filter fits and allows proper filtration mechanics you can use whatever works best and is available.

How wraping funnels after sterilization

That will have to be addressed by your SOP and method. Many labs will wrap the item in aluminum foil prior to sterilizing and then unwrap them once they are ready to be used.

once you place the filter inside the holder, how much surface of the filter is exposed? Any part of the filter is covered by the magnets?

If the filter is perfectly centered there is a ring 2-3 mm wide around the edge of the filter that is covered by the filter funnel/magnet.

Can I buy the holder only?not the entire set.

We do not have individual pieces for this item. It can only be purchased as a complete set.

Do they sell the valve and the cup holder (part above) as a spare?

The cup and the valve are both available as replacement parts. We do not have them listed on the website but can get them as needed.

Does this funnel seperate into 2 pieces?

Yes, it does. The visible seam is where the two pieces separate.

will this manifold accomodate gooch crucibles 36 mm

The manifold holds a standard number 8 stopper, not included. You will have to find a one hold stopper to fit your gooch crucible or get a solid stopper and punch your own hole of the appropriate size.

Does this item come with a stopper?

Yes, this item comes with a silicone #8 stopper.

Do you sell just the small gasket/washers that go at the base of each filtration column? If so, we\'d be interested in purchasing some. Thanks!

We do not have the gasket and washers as separate items. We only have the full valve assembly.

Do you sell the valves separately?

Yes, the part number for the valve is G4015.

Do you have a 3 place manifold for this (Item No.: D0047G - 47mm Glass Filter Holder w/ Glass Frit, Clamp & Base)?

Item M3023P is a 3 place PVC manifold that is designed for the 47 mm filter holders.

Could this (Item No.: D0047P - 47mm Polysulfone Filter Holder w/ Funnel & Base) fit into Item No.: H389410000 - 1000mL Vacuum Flask.

Yes, the stopper that comes with the filter holder does fit snugly into the neck of that vacuum flask.

How do you take it apart?

To remove the funnel top from the base you simply twist it off.

how does the funnel attach to the support? Is it magnetic or twisted on?

This funnel is a twist on.

How do you protect vacuum lines from filtrate? Do you need a filter flask for waste?

Yes--a waste carboy or filer flask of some type should be in between your vacuum pump and the manifold to collect your waste. We offer a 4-L (G3064) and a 20-L(G3070) for carboys and various types of filter flasks as well.

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