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Choose from PVC or Stainless Steel Manifolds for filtration.  Each branch is a standard 40/35 joint and the valve has a 3-Way stopcock.  If you need assistance do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-343-5319.

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Item No. Description
G1200 SPE - Single-Place Stainless Steel Manifold for O/G
G1210 SPE - Single-Place PVC Manifold
G1250 SPE - 3-Place Stainless Steel Manifold
G1260 SPE - 3-Place PVC Manifold for O/G
G1300 SPE - 6-Place Stainless Steel Manifold for O/G
G3050 1/8 HP Vacuum Pump 25.5" Hg, 115VAC


Do you sell only the valve portion that connects to the manifold rod?

See item M313005.

Where can I find the Supplier\'s Product ID for a SPE-1000ml Filter funnel Reservoir for 90 mm

This is item 363330 from Advantec MFS.

Hello, I would like to analize oil and grease with a manifold, but I don\'t know how can I use this manifold. Could you help me? My name is Maria del Mar

You would need to use the glassware and other accessories found on this page - http://www.envexp.com/products/1-Wet_Chemistry/SS-Oil_and_Grease_EPA_1664/SSPART-Classic_StepSaver_Glassware_Parts. You can find a short introductory video on this page - http://www.envexp.com/video

Do you sell the individual parts for the 6 position manifold? Specifically the part where the stopcock is. It has become routed out. Thanks Scott

The replacement part for the stainless steel manifold is M313005-3-Way PTFE Valve w/ Body-Stainless Steel .

Are replacement parts for the G1300 SS Manifold available - 3-way PTFE valves and o-rings?

The replacement 3-way valve for this manifold is M313005. There are no separate o-rings needed for this piece.

do you sell the solid phave extraction devices with the 40/35 joints so that I can replace them in my extisting manifold

Yes, G1047 holds 47 mm extraction discs and G1090 holds 90 mm extraction discs. These have a 40/35 joint to attach to a vacuum manifold.

is there a return policy

To view all the terms and conditions please look at the document located here - http://www.envexp.com/download/company/terms.pdf

What is the vacuum pump that effectively works with SPE - 7-Place PVC Manifold for O/G? Also what are the pump specs. Thanks

offer a pump, part number G3050, that has shown to be sufficient for use with the StepSaver manifolds. It is 1/8 HP, displaces 1.2 cfm, and can pull an ultimate vacuum of 25.5” Hg.

Is it possible to order replacement 3-way teflon valves for the 7-Place PVC mainifold for Oil & Grease?

Yes, the part number is G4015.

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