Oil and Grease EPA 1664

Oil and Grease EPA 1664

Oil and Grease EPA 1664 Product Lines:

Environmental Express Is Your Best Source for Oil and Grease Extraction Disks for EPA Method 1664.

UltraLow® Disks are C-18 and do not include a prefilter layer. They use 30% less n-Hexane but may not be suitable for samples containing large amounts of suspended material. (not pictured)

UltraFlow® Disks are the same base filter as the UltraLow® but have a second borosilicate glass prefilter layer that speeds filtration and eliminates the need for a separate prefilter.

UltraPrep® Disks are a unique C-18 material that eliminates the need for activation. They have a prefilter layer like the UltraFlow®

StepSaver - New and Improved

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