UltraFlow® Disks for Oil & Grease

*UltraFlow® Disks for Oil & Grease

StepSaver - New and Improved

Laboratories running Method 1664 analysis choose UltraFlow® C18 Extraction Disks from Environmental Express. 

Economical UltraFlow® Extraction Disks Consistently Provide:

  • Optimum recoveries
  • Fast flow rates
  • High solids filtering capacity

Extraction Disks are available in 47mm, 90mm and 100mm. 47mm disks are also available in convenient disposable Filter Funnels.

UltraFlow® extraction disks are constructed of two layers of glass fiber filter material. The top layer acts as a prefilter while the bottom layer is bound to a high carbon C18 adsorbent. This laminar construction results in a superior product for SPE.

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Item No. Description
G5047MM SPE - 47mm UltraFlow® C18 Disks w/Prefilters, 20pk
G5090MM SPE - 90mm UltraFlow® C18 Disks w/Prefilters, 15pk
G5100MM SPE - 100mm UltraFlow® C18 Disks w/Prefilters, 15pk
G5127 SPE - Disp. Funnels w/47mm UltraFlow®/StepSaver, 20pk
G5247 SPE - Disp. Funnels w/47mm UltraFlow®/Baker, 20pk
G5260 SPE-Express 2 - UltraFlow® Filter Assembly, 47mm,100pk


Does environmental express have an application note for recommended use of the SPE disks for Oil and Grease

We have instructions for use with our StepSaver system. Please see http://www.envexp.com/product-manuals and click on \"StepSaver Instructions.pdf\"

Kindly, it is possible to extract Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from water using G5047MM - SPE - 47mm UltraFlow® C18 Disks

C18 discs are not the ideal extraction medium to use for PCB\'s. We recommend using styrene divinylbenzed (DVB) instead. Please see item G2547.

Do the SPE Disp. Funnels w/47 mm Ultraflow StepSaver require pre-conditioning prior to use in the same manner as the individual filters?

Yes, all items in the UltraFlow and UltraLow product lines need activation prior to use. Items in the UltraPrep product line do not need activation.


These disks do need to be activated with methanol prior to extraction

I would like to know the steps you recommend for conditioning of the UltraFlow SPE 47mm Disks with prefilters. We just want to be sure we are conditioning properly.

A downloadable PDF can be found on our website under the Technical Support Tab --> Technical Notes & Articles --> Using UltraFlow Filters and Filter Assemblies. Here is the direct link: http://www.envexp.com/download/techsupport/articles/Using%20UltraFlow%20Filters%20and%20Filter%20Assemblies%202012.06.pdf

I need to get preformance data on the G5047MM disk we use in the lab. Main question is the capcity of the disks.

These discs can extract 1000 mg of a 50/50 mix of stearic acid and hexadecane. Similar numbers can be expected for the capacity of other substances classified as oil and grease. Be advised that the resin used in these dics, C18, is not selective to just one type material that can be extracted. Pesticides, herbicides, surfactants, and various medicinal compounds are among some of the common water borne contaminants that the disc will extract. These will all count against the total capacity of the disc.

What does eliminates the need for activation mean? Does it still require being washed with hexane? What is the pro\'s to this filter vs the other one?

Solid phase extraction (SPE) discs typically require a polar solvent such as methanol to activate the material so the aqueous samples would flow through properly. EPA method 1664 is very specific in terms of what solvents are allowed to come into contact with the sample and methanol is not allowed. Thus, analysts utilizing SPE were required to thoroughly remove all traces of the activating solvent prior to sample filtration. This usually involved flooding the disc with DI water and filtering to a solvent waste. This is further complicated by the fact that if the disc, or portions thereof, go dry the disc will be deactivated and not be able to properly remove the entire amount of HEM from the sample. The UltrPep filters do not require this activation step and are not subject to the issues of the disc going dry before filtration is performed. Prewashing the disc with hexane would only be necessary to remove any preexisting HEM from the disc. This should be done according to your laboratory’s needs and local regulations.

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