Are you able to purchase just the filters (without the assembly it fits into) so that you could replace it if there is a clog while filtering?

We do not sell the filters separate from the device. This item is not designed to be reassembled once it has been pulled apart. You will experience bypass on the filter.

I can\'t find the certificate of analysis for product SC0301, lot # R8NA41358-9051-AG.

This item is not certified and does not come with a COA. SC0308 is the only certified FlipMate for the 100 mL cup.

Can I just order the filter portion. I have several of the bottles and caps, but need new 0.45um PES filters.

We do not sell just the filter to replace in the housing. We have found that repeated assembly and disassembly of these results in liquid going around the filter due to poor sealing.

Where are the Certficate of analysis for these?

This item is not certified. If you require a COA you will need to look at item SC0604, SC0607, or SC0609

What is the difference between SC0301 and SC0308 flipmate filters?

The main difference is that SC0308 is comes with a certificate of analysis for various metals. SC0301 does not. The filter and prefilter materials are the same.

Is it true, that FlipMate 100 systems (Catalog numbers SC****C) include 100 filtration assemblies, 200 digestion cups (100 mL), and 100 caps.

That is correct.

Hi I am wondering what is the difference in your filters with prefilter vs without prefilter. Also what product would be most similar to a hydrophilic teflon filter

The only difference in the products is the inclusion of a larger micron filter on top of the target filter. This serves to remove some of the larger particulates and prevent the filter from clogging as quickly. The closest equivalent we have to hydrophilic PTFE is PVDF.

What diameter are the filters? Can we get replacement filter for a filter assembly?

These filters are 37 mm in diameter. We don’t sell replacement filters for our FlipMate filter assemblies. They are meant to be disposable as to not cross-contaminate samples.

What type of filter is this? We are looking for a quick way to filter dissolved metal samples and flip to a lab for analysis. If there is a less expensive filter we like that part number also. Than

The filter material is PVDF. SC0607 comes with a certificate of analysis. Other products in the SC06XX family that are not certified will be less expensive. SC0601 (PES) or SC0651 (PTFE) should be acceptable alternatives.

What is the filter material made of?

The filter material is polyethersulfone (PES).

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