Autosampler Cups & Tubes

Autosampler Cups & Tubes

We are proud to offer a wide variety of sample vials for many autosamplers.  From centrifuge tubes to small volume vials, we have got you covered.  For ICP, ICP-MS, IC and Graphite Furnace (GFAA) to many styles of mercury analyzers.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-343-5319.

Item No. Description
EE2440650 Tubes - 15mL Centrifuge, Printed Grad, PP, 500/case

15mL Samples (fits HotBlock SC196)

Item No. Description
SC415 15mL Screw Cap Digestion Vessel 17.5x105mm, 1000pk

Autosampler Cups

Item No. Description
SC0012 Vials - 10 mL Vials w/White Screw Caps, 1000pk
SC0015 Sample Cups- 1.5mL/2mL Conical, PS, 1000pk
SC0030 Sample Cups- 3-4mL Conical, 1000pk

Autosampler Tubes

Item No. Description
SC0060 Tubes - 8mL Round Bottom, 13X100mm, 1000pk
SC0152 Tubes - 15mL Centrifuge,Molded Grad,PS,no caps,1000pk
SC0161 Tubes - 14mL Round Bottom, 16X100mm, PP,1000pk
SC0170 Tubes - 16mL Round Bottom, 17X100mm, PP, 1000pk
SC0173 Tubes - 3mL Round Bottom, 10x75mm, PP, 1000pk
SC0174 Stopper Cap for 10-11mm tubes, 1000pk
SC0180 Tubes - 16mL Round Bottom, 17X100mm, PS, 1000pk
SC090 50mL Round Bottom Centrifuge Tube, 100pk
SC8596 Two-position Natural PE 17mm Caps; 1000/Pk

Centrifuge Tubes

Item No. Description
EE1741020 Tube - 225mL Conical Bottom Centrifuge Tube, 48pk
EE6361420 PFA Test Tubes with Caps, 5 mL, 10 x 120 mm; 1/Ea
EE6361422 PFA Test Tubes with Caps, 10 mL, 12 x 140 mm; 1/Pk
EE6361424 PFA Test Tubes with Caps, 15 mL, 16 x 110 mm; EACH
EE6361426 PFA Test Tubes with Caps, 20 mL, 16 x 160 mm; 1/Pk
EE6361428 PFA Test Tubes with Caps, 25 mL, 19 x 150 mm; 1/Pk


Are these metals free?

We are not the manufacturer of this product and do not perform any certification on it. We cannot give any level of background values with any measure of certainty.

trying to find a certificate for item #SC0161, lot #289182.

This item does not come with any certification.

can the product withstand temperature up to 150 degree celsius and acid resistant? can it be shipped to Nigeria? thks

They cannot. The material is polypropylene which starts melting at 130°C.

what are sc475 digestion vessel made of

All our plastic digestion vessels are molded from polypropylene.

How many tubes per pack. Thank you, Igor

These PFA tubes are sold individually.

What does PP stand for in the description of item SC8592?

The PP stands for polypropylene.

Would it be possible to get one of the SC0012 vials to try before ordering 1000? Do you have any screw-cap vials for conc. H2SO4?

Unfortunately, we do not provide samples of the SC0012 vials. We do not have any screw cap vials for long term storage of concentrated H2SO4.

Can I order the vials without caps (part # SC0012)

Yes, you can order the vials without caps for SC0012. Give your salesperson a call or you can call us at 800-343-5319 and we can get that ordered for you.

are these tubes already verified/certified

These tubes do not come with any volume or contaminant level certification.

what are the dimesions of item number SC601?

The vessel has a diameter of 36.35 mm (1.43”) at top and is 94.47 mm (3.72”) tall with cap closed.

Are there caps available for these tubes?

We do not have any caps available for these tubes.

We are currently using a

SC415 is not designed as a centrifuge tube. The flat bottom will cause it to burst at the rotational speeds reached in most devices. We certify all of our digestion vessels to be metals free down to certain levels. The dimensions of this vessel are 17.5 mm wide and 105 mm tall. We do have a 15 mL centrifuge tube, SC0162. We do not offer any type of certification on this item for the contaminant levels.

Could you please give me his dimentions: o.d.? tall?

The od at the top of the tube is 29.3 mm. At the bottom of the tube, just above the taper, the od is 28.0 mm. The height of the tube is 115 mm.

How big is the outer diameter of the vessel (CUPS)?

The cup diameter is 46 mm.

Are these tubes (SC0162) metal free?

We do not do any testing on this product for metals background. They are polypropylene and should be relatively free from metal contaminants. We do have a sample pack available that we can send if you would like to do a trial to see if they are clean enough for your application.

What is the outside diameter and length of this product in mm?

This tube is 114 mm long. As with all centrifuge tubes, the outside diameter tapers slightly. Just under the screw threads the cup is 29 mm in diameter and it is 28 mm in diameter where the conical bottom begins.

Do you carry any class A 50 mL plastic centrifuge tubes?

No plastic vessels can be designated as Class A per ASTM E-542. The highest rating a plastic vessel can be is Class B.

certificate of analysis for hte SC481 vessels

We do not currently provide a certificate of analysis for this product. We have not been able to find an outside source that can analyze for all required metals at the levels needed.

what is the max temp for the tubes when using the SC100 hotblock?

These cups have a maximum operating temperature of 130 C.

We need to se eif there is a way to find out a lot # on SC601 - 70mL Cups we have

These cups come labeled with manufacturing date/mold ID/operator ID information as well as a box number on them. You can create a tracking number based on this combination of information. Sometimes the Environmental Express labels get placed over the label with this information on it, making it somewhat difficult to see.

Do these centrifuge tubes withstand acetone (most plastics tend to degrade when they come in contact with high concentrations of acetone)?

These tubes are constructed of polypropylene which does not hold up well to acetone.

Are these caps, SC460 - Tubes- 50mL Conical Centrifuge with Caps, certified?

Our SC460 conical tubes with caps are not certified, however we do have flat-bottom 50mL tubes that are certified, out cat# SC475.

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