can you tell us the aerosol particle size for each nebulizer? we need it to be within the range of 2.7-3.3

This nebulizer will generate droplets of approximately 5 microns. We are not aware of any ICP nebulizers that are able to produce an aerosol in that range.

Is this a quartz nebulizer?

This is a glass concentric nebulizer.

Does the double pass cyclonic spray chamber have an 8mm top and 4mm bottom?

Yes it does.

Does this torch have 1.4mm ID injection tube?

This torch has a 1.5mm ID fixed quartz injector and terminates in a 8mm OD straight stem. This is an exact match OEM replacement quartz torch suitable for all radial orientations of Varian ICP-OES instruments including: 730-ES and 720-ES series, 710-ES and 700-ES, and Varian Liberty Series.

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