Metals Digestion Filtration System - FlipMate®

FlipMate® filtration devices are available in two sizes and may be purchased as complete systems with digestion cups included. Filtration devices and digestion cups are also sold separately.

The FlipMate® 100 System is designed for SC490 cup filtration and offers a quick and effective method of filtering up to 125mL of sample.
The FlipMate® 50 fits our 50mL digestion cups

Here's how it works:

1. The FlipMate® device accepts two threaded sample cups - one containing the sample to be filtered and an empty cup to receive the filtrate.
2. The assembly is then "flipped" over and vacuum is applied.
3. The sample is pulled through the filter into the empty cup. The filtered sample can then be capped and stored for later analysis.

FlipMate® is available with a variety of filters installed.

Download a product brochure on the FlipMate System.

Our convenient FlipMate Manifold, SC0620, works with both 100mL and 50mL cups.

See our VIDEO on how the FilterMate and FlipMate work in real life. 

FlipMate 100

Item No. Description
SC0301 FlipMate 100, 0.45µm PES w/ pre-filter, 50pk
SC0302 FlipMate 100, 1.5µm Glass Fiber, 50pk
SC0303 FlipMate 100, 0.2µm PES w/ pre-filter, 50pk
SC0304 FlipMate 100, Acid Washed Filter, 0.7µm, 50pk
SC0305 FlipMate 100, Sintered PE Filter, 50pk
SC0306 FlipMate 100, Acid Washed Filter Paper,>10µm, 50pk
SC0308 FlipMate 100, 0.45um PES w/ PTFE prefilter, cert., 50p

FlipMate 100 Systems

Item No. Description
SC0301C FlipMate 100 Sys, 0.45µm PES w/ pre-filter, 100pk
SC0302C FlipMate 100 Sys, 1.5µm Glass Fiber, 100pk
SC0303C FlipMate 100 Sys, 0.2µm PES w/ pre-filter, 100pk
SC0304C FlipMate 100 Sys, 0.7µm Acid Washed Filter, 100pk
SC0305C FlipMate 100 Sys, Sintered PE Filter, 100pk
SC0306C FlipMate 100 Sys, Acid Washed Filter, >10um, 100pk
SC0308C FlipMate 100 Sys, 0.45um PES w/PTFE PF, cert., 100pk

FlipMate 50

Item No. Description
SC0601 FlipMate 50, 0.45um PES w/ pre-filter, 100pk
SC0602 FlipMate 50, 1.5um Glass Fiber Filter, 100pk
SC0603 FlipMate 50, 0.45um PES, w/out pre-filter, 100pk
SC0604 FlipMate 50, 0.45um PES w/PTFE prefilter, cert., 100pk
SC0605 Flipmate 50,0.7um Glass Fiber Filter w/pre-filter100pk
SC0606 Flipmate 50, 0.7um AcidWashed Glass Fiber Filter,100pk


We recently switched fromm SC0301 to SC0308, and we are having issues getting anything to filter through,. including deionized water. Is there a guide to help with this issue?

SC0308 does have a PTFE prefilter on it. PTFE is a naturally hydrophobic material. Liquids that are highly acidic will flow more easily than those that are close to neutral.

Lead time for this item SC0601

They are usually in stock and can ship the same day.

Do you have a certificate of analysis for SC0304 for any lot? I am interested specifically for metals.

The only FlipMate product that comes with a COA is SC0308.

Can you order the Flipmate vacuum hose separately?

The tubing that we include with the manifold is item C6145. It comes as a 25 ft length.

I am looking for the filter part of the Flipmate filtering system. What is item #SC0301?

We don’t sell a 0.45 um PES filter in that diameter. That filter diameter is made especially for the FlipMate. If you are looking for other 0.45 um PES filters, we do have them in other diameters.

For SC0301 are both the filter and containers PES or if not what is the container material? Thanks

The FlipMate filter housing and sample/digestion cups are made from polypropylene. The frit is polyethylene. The filter is the only thing that is polyethersulfone (PES).

what is the difference between SC0301 and SC0308? Are both certified for trace metals?

Only the SC0308 is certified for trace metals. SC0301 has a polyester prefilter, while the SC0308 has a PTFE prefilter. Both of these have a 0.45um PES filter.

Do you have a disposable filtration apparatus where at the end I can retieve the 25mm filter easily without breaking it appart?

We have disposable filter funnels that contain 25mm filters which you can retrieve. The closest one to the PES material is F1525VCASE which contains a 0.45um PVDF filter. You can also purchase the unassembled disposable filter funnels (F1500 or F1500C) and the filter of your choice separately and assemble them yourself.

What is difference between SC0302C and SC0308C?

The principal difference in these two products is the filter material. SC0302C has a glass fiber filter with a 1.5 micron pore size. SC0308C has a PES filter with a 0.45 micron pore size.

do you have an order number for just the filters?

We do not have a separate part number for the filters.

So you have a 0.7u flipmate that is NOT acid-washed?

Item SC0605 or SC0605C is the item you are looking for. The first one is the filter housings only and the second is housings and cups to fit. It is only available for the 50 mL cups.

what pore size is filter in the SC0308 assembly?

This is a 0.45 micron filter.

I was wondering if you could just buy the white lids/caps for the sample cups?

Yes, the lid for the 100 mL cap is item SC492-C. It comes in a pack of 225.

Have the filters been analyzed for metal content? Would they be clean enough to filter samples for dissolved mercury analysis (low level)?

These have not been analyzed for metals content. Item SC0308 does come with a certificate of analysis. It, however does not include low level mercury as an analyte.

we have flipMate system can we order the Filter & prefilter related only?

The cups (SC475) and the filter assemblies (SC0601) are available as separate items. We do not have the filters and prefilters available for purchase.


The modblock vials do not have the appropriate screw threads on top to fit on the FlipMate system.

do the filters have to be rinsed prior to use in metals analysis, or are they ready to go? thanks

This particular filter is not rinsed as part of the manufacturing process. We do have a glass fiber FlipMate that is made from the same acid washed filter paper that is used in the TCLP filter. These are SC0304 and SC0306 for a 0.7 and >10 micron filter assembly only or SC0304C and SC0306C for the 0.7 and >10 micron complete system.

do you have a portable vacuum source so filtration could be done in the field?

We do have a hand operated vacuum pump that can be used in the field. The part number is SC6131-0110.

What does PES stand for on the flip mate? Do you have a glass 0.45um filter in this?

PES stands for polyethersulfone. For the flipmate we only have the 0.45 micron filter in PES. The glass fiber only comes in 1.5 micron.

Does Environmental Express sell the hand pump shown in your video for the FlipMate?

Yes, it is part # SC6131-0110.

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