Sterile Sample Bottles

*Sterile Sample Bottles

Environmental Express distributes disposable polypropylene vials designed for coliform water sampling. These vials are sterile and have enough sodium thiosulfate to neutralize 15 mg of residual chlorine. They are marked at the 100 mL fill line, are super clear with UV transparency, and come with the necessary certificates of sterility. 

When the vial is filled with sample, this will meet the 0.008% sodium thiosulfate concentration requirement for sample collection containers.

Item No. Description
D3200 Sterile Sampling Vial w/ Thiosulfate, 200pk
D3300 Clear Sterile Screwcap Vial w/Thiosulfate, 100pk
D3400 Sample Bottle w/Thiosulfate, Strl, 150mL, 114bx


What is the dimensions for the D320 and D3300 vials - Height & OD in inches?

D3200 – 46.5 mm OD, 96.25 mm H (with cap)\r\nD3300 - 50 mm OD, 87 mm H (with cap)\r\n

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